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    1500 saim hann (no vypers)

    Most of my eldar armies up to this point have tried to do too much and have been easily exploited by armies that tend to follow a flat type of army organization (necrons, troop -heavy marine armies). Here's a completely different attempt: absolutely no CC and almost no AP.

    Farseer: jetbike, spear, mindwar, fortune, stones - 158 pts
    (definitely flexible, help wanted)

    6 jetbikes, 2 cannons - 210
    warlock with destructor (its a long shot)
    3 jetbikes, 1 cannon - 129
    warlock with spear and embolden
    x2 (25

    Fast Attack
    8 warp spiders w/ exarch - 208
    exarch with twin spinners and withdraw
    x2 (416)

    Heavy Support
    3 warwalkers w/ scatter lasers - 180
    x2 (360)
    1 warwalker w/ bright lances - 90

    1492 total - 8 pts wiggle room.

    Thoughts are (read if interested) :
    I didn't include vypers because I'm suspicious of them. They cost more than warwalkers and it seems that warp spiders can sort of do their job anyway (correct me if I'm wrong).
    I'm sort of uneasy about warwalkers without guide...Should I have a farseer hang back and throw one each round (better yet Eldrad?). This might impair my mobility and leave farseer vulnerable to cc.
    I need first round AT. My solution is sort of iffy at the moment (one warwalker...eh).
    I'm willing to listen to arguments that I should take starcannons on the walkers...I feel they're too expensive, personally.
    The rest is pretty evident: very mobile S6 weaponry.

    This is my first post so I would really appreciate criticism/advice.

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