1500pts vs Eldar - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pts vs Eldar

    I have a campaign game this thursday against another Eldar player and thought i would post my list here to get the best out of it, so let the comments fly!

    * Eldrad Ulthran + 3 Warlocks (1x Embolden)

    * 10 Dire Avengers: Exarch with Assault 4 Avenger and Bladestorm

    * 15 Guardians: Starcannon and a warlock with conceal

    * 14 Guardians: Shuriken cannon and warlock with conceal

    * 6 Guardian Jetbikes

    * 5 Warp Spiders: Exarch with Assault 4 death spinner and Withdraw

    * Vyper: Holo-Field, Vectored Engines and starcannon

    * Wraithlord: Dual flamers and a bright lance

    * Falcon: Holo-Field, Vectored Engines, pulse laser and scatter laser

    The Embolden warlock is the make sure i always pass my psychic test (not really hard with Eldrad but you never know).
    Dire Avengers do what they do best ofc, mowing down entire squads
    2 Guardian unit with a pretty usual setup i think (conceal is always usefull)
    Warp Spider are the main harresment unit in the list, jumping to where ever they are needed and the nifty "get out of combat and maybe charge in again" thingy
    Both the Vyper and Falcon will be very hard to kill with this setup i hope.
    The Wraithlords role is to get quite close to his army the roast his guardians and stuff while blowing hard stuff up on his way there.

    So let it rip i'd say!

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    HQ: Eldrad is a bit pricy for this points level. Would a standard farseer with doom & guide work more efficiently. The retinue is poor and should be dropped so with the IC status you can join units. Embolden I think allows you to reroll morale tests not psykic tests. Lots of wraithblades arent really needed against other eldar and theiy puny toughness.

    Avengers: Brilliant

    Guardians: I prefer avengers but these are ok too.

    Bikes: Split into 2 units and give them a cannon each. A warlock with spear and embolden can improve their usefullness but they begin to get expensive.

    Spiders: Like them. 6-8 man unit would be better and power blades.

    Viper: Yuck! Drop all the upgrades and keep them cheap. You can almost afford to buy 2 for the points.

    Falcon: Fine. Prefer star cannon on this vehicle and scatter laser of the viper. Star cannon and pulse lasers work well together for terminator hunting.

    Wraithlord: Get an EML as well.
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