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    400 pnt Combat Patrol (first post)

    hi im new to Librarium online and i have an army im not sure about if its good for winning the upcomming tournament... could u guys plz help me

    its a combat patrol tournament so no 3 wounds or more no vehicles with armor 33 or more and no 2+ saves,
    most likely ill face: eldar, space marines, witch hunters, tau,orks and nids
    and we are not allowed to change our lists between the matches

    i came up with this please rate it :

    5 rangers [120]

    6 harlequins [146]
    -2 h. kisses

    6 howling banshees [128]
    total of 394 pnts

    plz rate.. my idea behind the list was to let the rangers infiltrate and shoot the tough ones and trap the rest with my banshees once they r in cc my harlys charge.

    plz add ur comments and criticism


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    Hm. First off welcome to LO, hope your time spent here is pleasant. Onto the list:

    Your squad sizes are too small methinks. 6 harlies is alright, if all of them have rending, so you need to give everyone kisses. 6x harlies 6 kisses shadowseer - 162pts

    6x banshees really wont get much done, I would prolly cut the squad completely, since without a farseer for doom, they will not be at their prime against marines.

    In small games like this, usually whoever can put out the most amount of fire early will win, that said I don't think pathfinders are the best troop choice especially because they cost as much as 2 dire avengers but only get 1 shot. For a troop choice I would take 10x Dire avengers with exarch - power weapon and shimmer shield, defend - 162 pts

    With the remaining points I would grab a vyper with a scatter laser and shuriken cannon. 70 pts

    Hope this helps.
    "War does not determine who is right - only who is left" Bertrand Russell

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    There is also another method, pouring not very strong fire but weakening enemy without any harm. Units such as bikes and Warp Spiders are great it.

    There are also some superior firepower units you can use - they have firepower, they have toughness, sometimes spead and always range. War Walkers, Dark Reapers. Walkers are strongest against horde light armies. Reapers excel at killing marines.

    You can also want to automatically win. In that case Swooping Hawks seem to be fine.

    Or you can icnlude lighting strike troops, very fast and hard-hitting. Shining spears are also tough for these points.

    It depends on your enemy.

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