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    1500pt Farsight Conclave for 5th Edition

    I’ve recently done a request for a mate of mine asking me to convert him the Tau Commander from dark crusade. The conversion worked out very well so I now want to take a battlesuit heavy army featuring my own custom made suits of ‘Battle Armour’ compared to their chicken feet and mitten wearing battlesuits: The X23 Expermental Battle Armor

    But with the new 5th edition rules I’ve made some noticeable adjustments to my last posted list.

    Anyway heres the list…

    170 – Commander Stormblade (Farsight)

    674 – Stormblade’s Elite Bodyguard: 7 Battlesuits with Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multi Tracker, Hard Wired Drone Controller with 1 Sheild Drone and 1 Single marker Drone (in the whole unit).
    (These guys will do the basic seek and destroy while hopefully soaking up a lot of fire with their shield drones, and with the marker drone aiding them with +1 to BS on their targets)

    145 – 12 Fire Warriors: 1 Shas’ul with Markerlight and Hard Wired Target Lock.

    130 – 12 Fire Warriors: 1 Shas’ul

    130 – 12 Fire Warriors: 1 Shas’ul
    (These 3 units will support the main force but in mission sernerios the 2 130pt units will run forward and hold objectives)

    250 – 3 Broadsides: 2 with target lock and 1 Shas’vre with Drone Controller and 2 Sheild Drones.
    (Provide some much needed anti-tank support whilst staying far away from any short table edge)

    Total Pts: 1499
    Total No: 56
    Total Kill Pts: 6

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    What ho, Brother Proiteus. For the record, you may wish to know that Farsight has an Enclave, not a Conclave - that's what the Church of Rome has when it elects a new Pope! We can't have Farsight going all religious on us now, can we ... ... ... ?

    Further for the record, I think a Farsight List is going to be harder to play under 5th, because most opponents will be able to close the table down that much more quickly. I'm not saying it's going to be impossible, but I do think it's going to be harder. Take a quick look at a this thread I started only a couple of weeks back:


    I'm going to wait awhile to see how 5th Ed pans out before committing myself to a Farsight List, one way or the other.

    ~ Raven ~
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    I thought the point of a farsight list was to get extra suits once you max out the elites. Personally I'd drop the big bodyguard mob and split them into designated teams ie deathrains, burning eyes, fireknives etc. If you get some points after, then get a nice fat crisis guard. That and split the 'sides into either monat's, or if you disagree with min-maxing, have a pair and a monat, allowing you to shoot at THREE targets. (presuming the pair has a team leader with HW-TL.)

    EDIT: Oh and for 5thed, your suits look a bit small, so can hide behind smaller terrain than a normal suit. This is one reason why I disagree with TLOS, it discourages conversions like this because people will complain they should be able to see him, and encourages it because if you convert the hive tyrant crouching, he can hide behind a garden wall.
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    I tried out a farsight list when playing against a redshirt w/ 5th edition rules the other day. He was using tyranids so I didnt really take all the extra battlesuits, only had 2 teams of 2, but I used farsight to charge his guys which caught him off guard since he didn't know I was using farsight.

    Anyway about the list:
    A farsight list requires that you field an extra commander other than farsight, so you must take one of those bodyguards and give him a field promotion to shas'el or shas'o!

    You really don't want a big expensive unit like the bodyguards, because they have to maintain coherency & travel together so you've have trouble maneuvering around/through terrain (and you don't want to lose any suits for jumping in OR out of difficult terrain!) and ordnance will hurt a lot since they're close together and it will hurt even more since partials no longer exist. So in short, drop some body guards (or all of them if you want farsight to melee) and put suits in elites.

    Put in crisis suit teams! Specializing them would be good (very good if you know which army you're playing against before making the list). For a farsight list, it says that crisis battlesuits count as 1+ so you probably need 1 team of crisis suits anyway. If you decide to move crisis suits to elites, make sure you use all 3 elite spots so that you have a lot of flexibility + mobility.

    Devilfish! Transport is a must if you want to reach objectives quickly and safely. On turn 5 of my battle, I had a transport w/ firewarriors zip in to an unoccupied objective and win me the game.

    Fast Attack
    Maybe think of adding pathfinders, you get a free transport for your firewarriors + you can use them to take away cover saves from your opponent. Devilfish + Disruption pod keeps it alive for a decent amount of time.

    Broadsides are fine, but if you're up against a horde army, you'll want a hammerhead instead. But broadsides are most excellent for not only tank hunting, but also character/monster/HQ hunting (Carnifex + Hive tyrant were dead by turn 2! 8 wounds total). Remember that farsight lists only allow 0-1 broadside choice so you can't split up the team (sorry spartan!)

    But definitely try out your list with some friends at home or something, and see how 5th edition effects it, and if it doesn't do what you wanted it to, then start changing it.
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