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    500 point vs Eldar (im getting slaughtered)

    my opponet has a few months more experience under his belt with his eldar army, so i atribute a portion of my bad losses to my inexperience, but i would at least like to be able to scratch his army. The past few games i think the best ive done is light damage to his transports and 3 kills to the dire avengers.

    I was using a CC raider and a Wytchs in a raider both with a haemonculis for a few games, i could rarely hurt his tanks and my CC troops would sit in their transports twidling their thumbs since his entire army where inside their transports. i lost those games badly.
    I then switched to 2 sniper squads and a 5 man cc bike squad with a dracon on bike. I did better but still ended badly for me.

    To combat the eldar i have devised a list that is focused on shooting instead of CC. I ask one question. Will it work?

    HQ 87
    Plasma Grenades
    Tormentor Helm
    Troops 440
    4 of these squads
    5 warrior
    Splinter Cannon


    my opponet uses 2 squads of dire avengers in 2 transports (falcons i think) and a warlock (or somthing) with mind war. he just used his superior range to snipe at my tanks and wated untill he was able to destroy them to rush in and rapid fire what was left to death.
    i plan to combat this by being as mobile as him, presenting more targets then he can shoot at.

    if this does not work i can still go back to plan B... wait 2 more weeks for 5th edition so his skimmers arent unkillable...

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