Having read the 5th edition rules, i've decided to rethink my eldar list, and come up with this for 500pts:

hq: 120pts
guide, spirit stones, doom

troops: 98pts
guardian jetbikes X4, shruiken cannon
troops: 76pts
guardian jetbikes X3 ,shruiken cannon
troops: 76pts
guardian jetbikes X3, shruiken cannon
troops: 76pts
guardian jetbikes X3, shruiken cannon

Heavy support: 50pts

This list was designed to work in either objective or kill points missions.

The plans:

The d-cannon and the farseer set up at the back of the board, behind some cover.

The rest of the army deploys out of sight of the enemy. It doesn't really matter who gets first turn.

the jetbikes will use their jump-shoot-jump to gradually kill the enemy troops with their shruiken cannons, or if possible use jump shoot jump to hit with their catapults. As the enemy footslog towards the eldar postion, they come under fire from the guided d-cannon and are doomed. The rest of the army can use it's mobility to completely wipe out the doomed squad by focusing all their firepower on it. This repeats untill turn 6, when the eldar jetbikes turbo-boost to claim some objectives. in a killpoints mission, on the last turn the jetbikes will fly right up next to the remaining squads and obliterate them if that's the completely final turn. If the enemy deploys a vehicle, the army should stay out of it's fire arc, to lure into range of the d-cannon. If used correctly, the enemy should be denied even one kill in a kill points mission, or have all their objectives contested and all the others claimed by the eldar in a objective-based mission. what does everyone think?