So, my friend is starting a demon army and he assembled enough today to make 495 points worth. He wanted to see how things went for them in battle so I threw together a quick 501 point list to do a game with him. I blundered hard in the last turn allowing his unstoppable Khornate Herald to crush my forces. Before that, though, this list I made up in a few minutes stood their ground admirably.

HQ (161)
Shas'el with airbursting device, fusion blaster, multi- tracker
Bodyguard with flamer, cyclic asploder device, flamer, multi-tracker, targeting array

18 warriors divided into two squads with two devilfish

It worked nicely against a few demons with piss-poor saves. This was the first time I used either of those special issue weapons and I was impressed by their performance against the demons. Comments?