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    New Mad Dok/Kan Screen army 2K

    Ok, tell me what you think.

    Mad Dok Grotsnik



    30 'Ard Boyz w/shootas
    - 1 Ard Nob w/ powerclaw and bosspole

    30 Slugga Boys w/ cybork bodies

    30 Slugga Boys
    - Nob w/ powerclaw and bosspole


    10 Lootas

    6 Meganobz w/ cybork bodies


    3 Killa Kans w/ 2 Mega Blastas, 1 Big Shoota, armor plates

    3 Killa Kans w/ 2 Mega Blastas, 1 Big Shoota, armor plates

    Exactly 2000 pts

    Basically, The Ard Boyz and the regular Boys start behind a screen of 3 Kans each, while the cyborks with Mad Dok attached start in the open, so they can get across the board unimpeded. The Meganobs with the Warphead attached start in the back of the board, usually in cover, and the Lootas parked like Lootas usually are, in a building or such.

    Then the army footslogs over, with the Warphead trying for a 5 on the table, deep striking usually on the second or third turn in my experience (and I've never had a bad experience with the deepstriking... yet)


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    Deepstriking is always tricky, but not so bad with the new 5th edition rules coming out soon. Attaching the warp 'ead to meganobz is an interesting idea, but be sure to remember that even though you'll most likely deepstrike more or less fine (thanks to 5th edition), you won't be able to assault the turn you deepstrike, so you'll be vulnerable to shooting for at least one round.

    The only real problem with the list is you're spending way too many points on normal units of boyz. Roughly 270 points is wasted in this list on cybork bodies and 'ard boyz armor for regular boyz. If your opponent throws everything they have at them, they'll be dead in either case. For the same points, you could run another team of 30 boyz, with nob, powerklaw and special weapons. If you REALLY want to, you could give the unit with Mad Doc the cybork bodies, but I still think it's a waste, and giving two units those upgrades is definitely a waste.

    On that note, make sure every unit of boyz has a nob with a powerklaw, and the maximum number of special weapons. They'll be far less versatile without the weapons, and far less powerful without a powerklaw. I've watched entire 20-30 boy teams get slaughtered by a single enemy walker/monstrous creature, simply because the boyz had no physical way of hurting it. A powerklaw makes all the difference.

    The killa kans really need to all have the same type of weapon. Otherwise, a good number of the shots you make every turn will be meaningless, depending on how far away the target is, or what their armor value is. Either give the groups all KMBs or all big shootas. Personally, I'd go with the KMBs. I hate terminators.

    I'd also drop off the armor plates. They don't make enough of a difference on kans.

    For a 2000 point game, I'd try to use more lootas if you can. I prefer using them in groups of 13-15. They're a really tempting target, and tend to die quickly otherwise. If you don't have any more lootas, I'd add three big shootas to the unit, to bring them up to 13.

    If you're not going to add another team of 30 boyz, I'd cut this list down from 2000 points to 1750. It'll be much more competitive at that level.

    I do like the warp 'ead + Meganobz premise. I'll have to give it a try.
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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