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    1000 Pts Horde Killer

    My brother has just started to get into a necron army so i wanted to revisit mine and realised there is a small tournament for 1000 point armies at my local club, so i wanted to try this list out

    Destroyer Lord - 145pts
    Destroyer Body,

    10 Warriors - 180 pts

    10 Warriors - 180 pts

    3 destroyers - 150 pts

    3 destroyers - 150 pts

    4 destroyers - 200 pts

    total - 1005

    I know alot of the people will have a mix of massive nid armies to swarm, tau with more fire warriors than sense, or a massive ork swarm. The plan was to simply move the destroyers around to out flank the armies and stop them getting to the main troops, with the lord and one unit to go for killing off commanders (but not any hive tyrants)

    Any Ideas??

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    Drop the phylactery it's not really useful enough for tournament play. I'd say drop the 4th destroyer in your third squad, use the extra points to take 2-3 more warriors.

    Destroyers tend to do pretty well without a D-Lord escort. If you have a footlord I'd suggest slapping a resorb in and putting it with the warriors. Other than that you're lookin pretty well set to blast everything to dust.

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