One last RTT in 4th ed at 1500 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    One last RTT in 4th ed at 1500

    Got a game tomorrow and even with all the buzz about 5th, this tournament is going to be in 4th - one last hoop-hurrah.

    My last RTT in April I used a Lelith list - it was nice, I came in 2nd. This time I want to try something different and use some units that players don't normally see and yet still be able to compete. The players will be semi-power gamers who didn’t think a Wych Cult was “broken” so I shouldn’t get any flak about only 2 troop choices (which I am ashamed of to a point) versus the fact there are no wyches in the list. In other words, I do not have to win at all costs, I want to win while having a fun themed list. So here are some of the ideas I am thinking about:

    Archon + Incubi on raider starts in portal
    Haemy + grots on raider (he is on drugs)
    Haemy wwp
    Haemy wwp
    14 Warriors, syb w/poison
    14 Warriors, syb w/poison
    8 Mandrakes
    2 Talos starts in portal
    1 Ravager starts in portal

    Although I do not like 1500 point games and I do not like using wwp's at 1500 I decided to face my fears and have fun. I plan on using the Haemy w/grots & raider to transport (escort/screen) a wwp Haemy and to get as aggressive as possible. The other wwp haemy will run with the warriors and also be shadowed by a mandrake counter. Idea is when the portal opens there will be enemy units that will welcome my Incubi and Talos. Even if I face an escalation mission both Haemys and warriors squads will start on the board.

    I like this list because it has no wyches or wych-type units, uses 2 of the least used elite choices and I am using a portal where many say it has no place in a tournament (let alone at 1500 points). Do you feel the liberation?

    My other list is a little more “Coven” like, it looks like this.

    Archon + Grotesques (or Incubi) on a raiderstarts in portal
    Urien + uber grots on a raider starts in portal
    14 Warriors, syb w/poison + wwp
    14 Warriors, syb w/poison + wwp
    6 Mandrakes (or raider squad)
    3 Talos (or adding a ravager) starts in portal

    This list is just fluffy goodness but I fear a lot less competitive, there is no solid "hammer" unit to rely on - it is however, more flexible than the first list. I have been using Urien lately and been having some serious good luck with him. In my last game he sucked the soul of a Slaaneshi Lord with the Crucible of Malediction and then in the next turn he flamed and killed 4 out of 5 lesser deamons – then killed the remaining one in cc (made all his points back that’s for sure).

    I will try to post my results of my tournament but if anyone has any wacky fluffy combinations that might work well or takes a lot of skill to pull off let me know however, I this is more of about sharing my ideas and how they will work in the tournament.

    "On a hunch, I melted them down and inhaled the fumes and read the dark eldar codex again, AND FOUND A BUNCH OF NEW RULES HIDDEN BEHIND THE OTHER WORDS..." [Gardeth on modelling & interpreting the DE Codex]

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    Hey Kwi,

    I personally favour the second list with Urien but that could have something to do with the fact that I think Urien is one of our best special characters and is highly underated but opponents... Can you say a flamer template that auto wounds BWAHAHAHA...

    It good to see the mandrakes in the list I love these guys and they do see the odd battle for me now and again... more so than my grots I think.

    I think that it is the theme of the second list that appeals to me as well as that 3 Taloi coming out a webway also has a nice feeling about it. Don't get to see many coven lists... That being said it might be worth taking the incubi to give you some more hitting power in CC against MEQ armies etc...

    I don't know I guess I am just rambling on.
    There is nothing more annoying when your Wyches with Plasma Grenades get "Always strikes First" for their combat drugs!

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