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    1500 pt competitive

    This is my first real 1500 pt army so check my math and tell me what ya think. Open to ideas and criticism.
    If some of these units seem familiar it's because they are. I've been following this forum for a couple weeks and love some of the ideas I've found here and thank you all for them.
    So to quote a weirdboy 'ere we go!

    Big Mek
    -Cybork Body

    10 Nobz
    -5 Big Choppas
    -4 Power Klaws
    -Waaagh! Banner
    -Cybork Bodies
    -Red Paint Job
    -Armour Plates
    -Reinforced Ram
    Total: 480

    15 Lootas
    Total: 225

    20 Slugga Boyz
    -2 Rokkit Launchas
    --Power Klaw
    Total: 180

    20 Shoota Boyz
    -2 Big Shootas
    --Power Klaw
    Total: 170

    ===Fast Attack===
    16 Stormboyz
    --Power Klaw
    Total: 232

    3 Warbuggies (Each in their own unit)
    -Twin-Linked Rokkit Launchas
    Total: 105

    TOTAL ARMY VALUE: 1497 pts.

    The general theory is the stormboyz and nobz charge forward as a devastating first wave going for whatever I feel is the most dangerous to me or just needs to be tied up (Nobz might go tankbustin' if the situation calls for it). The warbuggies do the typical warbuggy thing and take pot shots at independant characters and the like. The shoota boyz charge up the emptier side of the field (providing there is one) and the slugga boyz run in behind the nobz and their truck hopefully getting some decent cover from it. These two units act as a second wave of attackers picking up the kills the others left behind or aiding in providing even more power if needed. Lootas usually focus on ripping apart troops or if there's a scary shooty squad across the board (gotta get themselves better gunz right?). The SAG just picks a crowd and fires hoping for the best.

    Just yesterday I used a slightly weaker version of this army against nids and chaos space marines and was incredibly pleased with how well they handled everything thrown their way and won both fights. After some reaaranging of points I was able to add a couple more PK's to my nob unit and decided to post it here to see what you guys think. The only thing I'd love to see this army have is a battlewagon for the sluggas and just because I like them I wouldn't mind seeing a squad of kommandos with Snikkrot. Some tankbustas wouldn't hurt either but I just can't see where I'd fit them in.

    Tell me what ya think and help out wherever possible!

    "Orks have to be followers of Nurgle! They're green, smell bad, and just want to spread the fun!"

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    1) Big Meks don't really need anything other than the SAG. It's not very often the enemy can reach them in close combat, and as Independant Characters they can't be targetted by shooting unless they're the closest unit to the enemy...

    2) There's not nearly enough models. I'd suggest dropping the Nobs altogether for two or three more units of Boyz.

    3) You've got 4 Fast Attack choices -- a Stormboyz unit, and three individual Buggies.
    Takka n' Wakka's Dakka Attacka! 33W / 6L / 1D

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    Misanthrope is right, you'll have to drop a single buggy. While you're at it, you need to shave points off the unit of nobz, and you can probably lose the cybork off the SAG as well. Yes, it'd give him an invulnerable save, but if your opponent can target him, he's probably dead in any case.

    I'd cut all the big choppas off the nobz (they're already strength 5 on the charge, strength 7 isn't going to make much a difference, and it makes them lose their bonus attack for extra CCW), remove two of the powerklaws, and the armor plates and red paint job for the trukk (if it's out in the open where they can be shot, it's dead no matter what, and the 1in from red doesn't seem to ever make a difference). The unit's too expensive otherwise.

    A single trukk isn't going to last long, honestly, and you should probably run nob bikers instead. If you really want to use them, I'd at least cut off the things mentioned above (including the rokkit buggy and cybork) for 135 points. With these points, I'd bring both units of boyz up to 30 strong, with 3 special weapons each.

    Now that's a powerful front line!

    If I were making the list, however, I'd change the SAG into a KFF, and instead of nobz I'd use a unit of 12 kommandos w/ 2 burnas and Snikkrot (13 models total), and another unit of 20 boyz w/2 big shootas, nob and powerklaw.
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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