At my local independant we are having a league tournament over 2weeks. I've got a draft list that i think may be okay but i just want some feedback on it. I'm going to be up against at least 2-3 space marine army one of which is a chaos and anonther may be blood angels and an imperial guard force which may be normal or catachan. There will be at least two tyranid player one of which with possibly b 4-7 monstrous creatures. There may also be a tau and chaos deamons. There are no proxies so i can only use what i have plus anything my friend has that he can lend me.

The list is as follows:
HQ- Hive tyrant-196pts
2 sets TL devourers, warp field, wings, toxin sacs, enhanced senses

HQ/elites- Warriors-244pts (this may be split into 2 squads if need be)
1 venom cannon, scything talons
2 deathspitters, scything talons
3 TL devourers
All have Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs, Flesh hooks, Enhanced senses

Troops- Genestealers- 160pts x2
8x, extended carapace

Troops- genestealers-120pts (drop in favour of carapace for fexes or more gaunts or a lictor plus upgrades, more stealers?)
6x scuttlers, flesh hooks

Troops- Gaunts-96pts
16x Fleshborers (guns can be proxied i believe but i'll have to check for sure.. if so i can swap for spinefists)

Troops- gaunts- 160pts
16x devourers, toxin sacs (again alterable)

Heavy support- Zonathope-65pts
Warp blast, synapse creature

Heavy support- 148pts x2
Enhanced senses, venom cannon, barbed strangler.

Total 1497pts

That is the list, tactics usually differ depending on opponenet so i can't give a clear overview of tactis however genestealers will usually go cover jumping, gaunts following in aline, the whole army tries to make combat at same time however genestealers may hit comabt quicker so as to take out any overally threating or annoying squads. fexes stay back and bust tanks up.

Any feedback of any kind is most welcome and needed, I have quite a bit to work with so most suggestions will be used (no gargoyles however)i was thinking of dropping the scuttling genestealers for giving fexes carapace and getting a lictor any thoughts?