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Thread: 750 pts tourney

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    750 pts tourney

    Hey all, here is an army list i created mainly with 2 things in mind that i wanted, a ten man scorpion squad (just becuase i keep hearing of squads like these killing whole armies) and a wraithlord (a monstrous creature with toughness 8 so that only s5 weapons can hurt it is pretty cool imo). What do you guys think of this list?


    Farseer with Doom – 80pts


    10 Dire Avengers with exarch with 2 shuricats and bladestorm – 152 pts

    10 Guardians with warlock w/singing spear and missile launcher platform – 128 pts

    Fast Attack

    Vyper with scatter laser – 60 pts


    10 striking scorpions with exarch with claw and shadowstrike – 207pts

    Heavy Support

    1 Wraithlord with 2 flamers, 1 missile launcher and a wraithsword – 125 pts

    basically…. The Gaurdians accompany the Wraithlord and give anti tank support until the wraithlord can get into combat. The Dire Avengers and Vyper provide supportive fire for the Scorps as they charge in while the Farseer dooms their targets.

    Thanks for any help!

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