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    New to Orks, 750 point list

    I'm new to Orks, and 40K in general, but have decided to try my hand at newcomer's army. C&C is much appreciated.

    HQ: Warpead
    85 Pts

    20 Slugga Boyz; Rokkit Launcha (x2)
    Nob PK BP
    180 Pts
    20 Slugga Boyz; Rokkit Launcha (x2)
    Nob PK BP
    180 Pts
    20 Shoota Boyz; Big Shoota (x2)
    Nob PK BP
    170 Pts

    9 Lootas
    135 Pts

    Total: 750

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    LO Zealot mynameisgrax's Avatar
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    People play 750?

    750 seems like an odd number, but I guess that's what people play where you are.

    The list looks fine, although I really wish there was a way of getting one of the 20 boy units up to 25-30. The reason is, the warp 'ead is going to have trouble, since whatever unit he's attached to is going to become a prime target. It isn't really feasible at 750 points though, so just be sure to keep his unit behind one of the others, so his unit gets a 4+ cover save.

    Otherwise it looks solid. Eventually you should probably plan for 1000 point games, and at that point, you should invest in some more boyz (get at least one unit up to 30, for the warp 'ead), perhaps another HQ (another warp 'ead or KFF), and lootas (10-13 total is good, if you don't want to buy another set, just attach a guy with big shoota or rokkit).

    In any case, good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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