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    Are kroot mercs any good?

    I'm really tempted to start a kroot merc army. Does anyone ever play kroot mercenaries? With the 5th edition 40k their cover save in trees is now 3+ which seems quite nice. I'm guessing kroot mercs suck though because of the 6+ normal save. I also like the idea of shapers having eviserators as they'd probably be more useful than Sisters of Battle with eviserators as the kroot have more attacks, a higher strength and higher WS.

    Anyone have any comments or just tell me this is a stupid idea and I'm insane for even thinking of using kroot?

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    I've often thought of doing a Kroot army, but the sheer scale of the project put me off. Almost every model that isn't Kroot Carnivore or Shaper will need to be converted. Weapons such as Eviscerators, Melta Guns and Hunting (Sniper) Rifles are used plenty in a Kroot Merc army and these will also need to be converted.

    Some models such as the Knarloc riders will have to be scratch built or bought from ForgeWorld.

    It's a daunting task, but if you enjoy your modelling then I would definitely go for it. The Kroot Merc army has many possibilites to be a unique and creative army. From what I understand, they can be more than a viable choice for games on terrain-heavy boards where their superior cover save comes into play. Kroot Mercs can also frequently get a first-turn assault, made even easier with the 5th edition 'Run' rule! Since many of your units infiltrate this will also allow you to deploy in anticipation of your enemy.

    Using the Ork Hybrid trait, Kroot become more effective in combat with a WS4, S4, T4. With the Fast Reflexes trait, they can have WS4, S4, I4 instead. Always pick some Kroot Hounds for those I5 attacks. Shapers should have Eviscerators for tankbusting. Use the first turn assault to tie up important enemy units that pose a threat in the shooting phase (eg, Heavy Weapon Squads, Ordnance tanks, etc.). Use a Master Shaper with wings and meltagun for a cheap and nasty tankbuster.

    Some links to good Kroot Merc conversions:
    Jakob Nielsen's Golden Demon Kroot Merc squad
    Furious_one's Project Kroot army
    Underbheit's Azure Dragon Kroot Mercs

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    I'm aware that this is necromancy, but I am the UnderBheit who create the aforementioned Kroot Mercenaries. While I wasn't a member of this forum when this was written, I'd like to offer some advice for the original poster OR any other interested parties.

    I admin a forum called Kompletely Kroot. It's a community of devoted Kroot Kindred. In fact, a few of our members have even written and play tested an updated Kodex for 5th edition. We have plenty of modeling and painting tips for new Kroot players. For example, if a large Kroot army seems like a daunting task, then you may want to try dipping your kroot. Dipping works very well for Kroot models because it gradually shades the flesh and quills.

    If any of you have further questions please visit the forum.
    Kompletely Kroot

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