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    1500 tyranid 5th

    HQ- Dakkaflyrant-+1S, +1BS, Warp field, Winged, 2x TL devos-196

    HQ- Dakkatyrant- +1S, +1BS, +1Sv, 2x TL devos-146

    Elites- Dakkawarrior brood (3 warriors)- +1S, +1Sv, +1BS, TL devos-114

    Troops- Spinegauntsx 13-65

    Troops- Spinegauntsx 13-65

    Troops- Spinegauntsx 12-60

    Troops- Spinegauntsx 12-60

    Troops- Spinegauntsx 12-60

    10xGenestealer-+1Sv, Feeder Tendrils, FH-240 (Dont have codex, so dont remember cost of tendrils...)

    Heavy Support- Zoanthrope (x3)- Warp Blast, Synapse-195

    Dakkafex- +1BS, 2x TL devos-113

    Screamer-Destroyer-2xST, +1WS,Toxic Miasma,+1W,+1T,+1In, +1Sv, Implant Attack-183

    1497 Points

    I know... The tanked fex might not be that good... but i just wanted to see how it would fare in 5th ed... As you can see, I ran some Dakka to deal with the all so important troops, thropes for Anti-Tank (not too reliable, but tanks aren't that high on my list anymore).
    ANY advice is welcome. Thanks.

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