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    1500 pts - please comment

    HQ: 255 pts
    - Farseer w/ jetbike, guide, spirit tones, and doom
    - Warlock w/ jetbike and embolden
    - Warlock w/ jetbicke and destructor

    Troops: 422 pts
    - 9 D.A. + Exarch w/ bladestorm and dual cats. in Wave Serpent w/ BL and S. Stones
    - 5 Pathfinders

    Heavy: 505 pts
    - Prism w/ Holo-Fields and S. Stones
    - Prism w/ Holo-Fields and S. Stones
    - Falcon w/ Holo-Fields, Scatter Laser, Shuriken Can. and S. Stones

    Elites: 318 pts
    - 5 Howling Banshees + Exarch w/ Executioner (to be placed inside falcon)
    - 5 Harlequins + Troupe Master + Shadowseer w/ 6 Kisses

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    HQ: Only 2 supporting warlocks mean this guy could easily be shot to bits. One multilaser could instant kill your farseer. Suggest you drop the retinue and rely on joining a unit.

    Elites: Banshees are ok. 10 in a wave serpent may be nicer than 6 in a falcon but it's a matter of taste. I'm going off Harlequins as rending has now been downgraded but the squad setup looks good. The troop master can safely be dropped if you need a few points or upgrade him to a power weapon.

    Troops: Avengers are perfect. Pathfinders were never my favourite but in 5th edition they are getting better. If you dropped the warlocks and bike from the HQ then use the points for a footslogging DA unit to harbour the farseer. 10 vanilla DAs are better than 6-7 with an exarch especially when meatshielding a farseer.

    Heavy: Prisms are good. The falcon is ok. With the 5th edition move & fire rules you are better dropping the underslung shuriken cannon and maybe using the points for upgrading to a starcannon or even EML.
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