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    first ork list 1500.

    Big mek/ shokk attack gun
    War boss / Bike, PK, squig, Cyborg

    Boyz 30 / slugga, nob, PK, 3 rokkit
    Boyz 30 / Shoota, nob, PK, 3 big shoota
    Boyz 30 / shoota, nob, PK, 3 rokkit

    Warbike 6 / nob, PK
    Warbike 6 / nob, PK

    Lootas 10

    This being my first army is mostly just an experament. The general idea is that ill have a little bit of everything. Lootas and Big mek in the back blasting tanks and troops, Warbikes and the Warboss in the lead and 90 boyz just behind them shooting off rokkits and a lot of shoota shots. Any input would be helpfull since ive only been able to proxy this army and would like a better idea of how it will work befor i finish buying the models.

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    That's a very good 'first army'. There's very little I would change.

    I'd drop the attack squig off the warboss, and use the points to give the warbikes bosspoles instead. Bosspoles are one of the best upgrades in the ork army, and they're dirt cheap to boot. The biker squads will be retreating rather quickly if they don't have them.

    Everything beyond the point would dramatically change the list, but I think it'd work better:

    I'd try to add 2 more lootas, so there's 13 models total when the SAG is attached. At 11 models, they'll be a little easy to wipe out.

    For points, I'd cut out both biker squads and the warboss on the bike, and instead field a team of nob bikers, that looks like this: 7 nob bikers w/3 powerklaws, painboy, cybork bodies, wauughh banner, bosspole. That unit will cost 475 points, but it'll do a lot more for you than the warbikes on their own.

    Here's my version of your list:

    Big mek w/SAG [95]

    12 Lootas [180]

    30 Slugga boyz w/nob, pk, 3 rokkit, bosspole [250]

    30 Shoota boyz w/nob, pK, 3 big shoota, bosspole [235]

    30 Shoota boyz w/nob, pK, 3 rokkit, bosspole [250]

    7 Nob bikers w/3 powerklaws, painboy, cybork, wauughh banner, bosspole [475]

    If you don't like the nob bikers, than go ahead and play with the original list. Just be sure to give the biker squads bosspoles, and pay for it by dropping the attack squig.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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