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    2k list that I've been using

    Big Mek w/ Shokk Attack Gun- 95
    Big Mek w/ Kustom Force Field- 85

    30 Boyz w/ Nob w/ Power Klaw and Boss Pole- 220
    30 Boyz w/ Nob w/ Power Klaw and Boss Pole- 220
    30 Boyz w/ Nob w/ Power Klaw and Boss Pole and 3 Big Shootas- 235
    30 Boyz w/ Nob w/ Power Klaw and Boss Pole and 3 Big Shootas- 235
    30 Boyz w/ Nob w/ Power Klaw and Boss Pole and 3 Big Shootas- 235
    Deff Dread w/ DCCW and Big Shoota/Skorcha- 95

    15 Lootas- 225

    Fast Attack
    Buggy w/ Rokkit- 35

    Heavy Support
    2 Killa Kans w/ Rokkits- 100
    2 Killa Kans w/ Rokkits- 100
    Looted Wagon w/ Boom Gun and 'ard Case and Reinforced Ram- 120

    Total: 2000

    This is the list I've been using to fairly good effect. It saw one game under 4th edition and has seen several under 5th. Just want to see what the general thoughts are on the list. Finally got it all painted up, so maybe next time I've got it out on the field I'll get some pics. Also, if anyone wants the fluff that goes with this, I'd be more than happy. I have most of it written up all orky.

    I'm trying to catalog every song with a reference to yetis or Sasquatch. Please help.

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    It looks pretty good. Bringing a ridiculous number of boyz to the table is always a good idea. The only problem overall is a lack of anti-armor. In 2000 point games you tend to see a lot of vehicles, especially a lot of land raiders, and there's nothing in the list that can consistently deal with them. In normal games you can usually just ignore them, since they're too expensive to take more than one in most cases, but in 2000 point games you might see several.

    The lootas will be good, but if you group the SAG together with them, you'll be painting a huge target on the unit's head. Also, a bad roll may cost you all the lootas as well, but that's a problem with using SAGs in general. You can only really attach them to lootas or boyz, and the lootas are probably best.

    Giving the 30 boy units some rokkits instead of big shootas would be a good start for adding more anti-armor as well. For the points, you could probably drop the dread.

    If you like the dread, I'd give it 2 KMBs instead of anti-infantry weapons. In the same vein, I'd give all the killa kans some kustom mega blastas instead of rokkits. They're only 5 points more, and have saved my tail plenty of times when fighting against terminators and monstrous creatures.

    Instead of a reinforced ram, I'd give the looted boomgun a big shoota. That way, you'll still be able to do something with it, even if the main gun gets destroyed.

    Overall, you'll need 75 points to make all the suggested changes, which means you'd have to either drop the Shokk attakk gun, the Deff Dread, or the looted boomgun. I wouldn't cut anything else. The SAG is nice, but if you roll bad, you'll be losing over 300 points altogether. The deff dread and looted boomgun also work well, but at 2000 points, there's probably going to be enough anti-armor in the opponent's army to wipe them out early.

    Ordance is really nice in larger games, so again, I'd suggest dropping the dread. It can't claim objectives, and the killa kans work almost as well for half the cost. It's not that they're bad, but in this list the points are better spent elsewhere.
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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