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    Mech Competitive 1500, adapting to 5th

    Ok, this is a list i had posted a while back (about 5-6 months) and now before i buy too many of the models i want to make sure it will still be competitive for 5th edition. Need lots of help.

    Farseer- stones, doom, fortune, runes of witnessing- 140 pts

    6 Fire dragons- exarch w/ firepike, tank hunters- 131 pts
    10 banshees- exarch w/ warshout, executioner- 187 pts
    ---wave serpent- scatter lasers, stones, shuriken cannon- 135 pts
    6 striking scorpions- exarch w/ claw, shadow strike- 143 pts

    2 X 10 dire avengers- exarch w/ twin catapults, bladestorm- 304 pts
    ---wave serpent- stones, bright lances- 145 pts
    ---wave serpent- stones, EMLs- 130 pts

    Heavy Support:
    Falcon- starcannon, holofields, stones- 185 pts

    farseer is with the banshees, dragons in the falcon, and scorpions harassing heavy weapon units to protect the 4 grav tanks. should i drop the cannon on the banshee serpent for something? need advice

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    Hey hivetyrant...the eldar player. Likely story.

    HQ: Doom on farseer with banshees is a good idea. However travelling in a serpent you will only use fortune a few times in the whole game. Also I'd have to point out banshees ideal targets: MEQs - most of whom will not fare well against their doomed attacks, and elite units - who will have power weapons and negate the banshees save anways. Now banshees can be used against mobs and they might be hoofing it if their serpent goes down so fortune could be used in these situations. So depending on if you want this squad to be more generalized in use I would include fortune - if they more specifically go after elite units I would not.

    Elites: No problems here really, sort of like the weapons on the serpent as they provide something their cargo does not - anti-light armor and mob.

    Troops: Serpent DAs with dual threat anti-tank always a sure thing.

    Heavy: Falcon with starcannons is not my favorite thing...however the dragons inside do offer some anti-tank so perhaps it is a better option than a BL or EML. Usually when using a falcon with dragons configuration inside I like to forego the holofields in favor of star engines as they are less expensive and as the squad of dragons is small I'd like to ensure they make it to their target before getting shot down. Of course I usually also put on only a shuriken cannon and the SE to keep it cheaper but similar purpose but if you want yours to live and fight on I suppose your configuration is correct.

    Overall I like the list a lot. Takes advantage/compensates of the few 5th edition effects on the Eldar - bladestorming DAs can go to ground now, serpents and falcons make fine ramming tools, and plenty of anti-armor should help against the increased life span of vehicles. Could put EML on falcon in favor of the starcannon to take advantage of the easy hit from blast but not a requirement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhammi View Post
    HQ: Doom on farseer with banshees is a good idea. However travelling in a serpent you will only use fortune a few times in the whole game.
    The 4th Ed FAQ is gone, so using powers while embarked is back! Just don't try to use shooting attacks as there are still no firing ports on Eldar vehicles. That's how I'm gonna play it until it gets FAQ's again.


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