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Thread: 1500 Eldar

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    1500 Eldar

    150 pts. - Farseer Aerithal (has Spirit Stones, Fortune, Doom, Mind War)

    Elites- 428 pts.
    164 pts. - The Shadow Legion (7 Striking Scorpions, Exarch w/ Scorpion’s Claw, Stalker, & Shadowstrike)
    184 pts. - Servants of the Laughing God (7 Harlequins, Shadowseer, Kisses for everyone)
    80 pts. - The Purifiers (5 Fire Dragons riding the Falcon)

    Troops-603 pts.
    120 pts. - The Silent Ones (5 rangers w/ pathfinder upgrades)
    177 pts. - Blessed of Ar’dal (10 Dire Avengers, Exarch w/ Shimmershield/PW, Defend, & Bladestorm)
    177 pts. - Beloved of Ar’dal (10 Dire Avengers, Exarch w/ Shimmershield/PW, Defend, & Bladestorm)
    129 pts. - Faithful of Aerithal (10 guardians w/ scatterlaser, spiritseer w/ singing spear)

    Heavy Support-315 pts.
    140 pts. - Lord of the Dead (Wraithlord w/ Wraithsword & Brightlance)
    175 pts. - Wings of the Sky (Falcon w/ Scatter laser, Holofields, & Spirit Stones)


    Haven't played in almost a year, moving back to where my old gaming community is & 5th is coming out so much excitement there Any comments, ideas, or questions are greatly appreciated--I'm very rusty so I'm sure I've ffed up parts of this Thanks in advance guys.

    EDIT: Yeah, I had a total brain fart and totally forgot about the Wraithsight rule Also seemed to have messed up on the points for a few models/point totals, zat's fixed. Moved things around, should be better now Have 4 extra points this way, but meh. Opinions now that it's fixed?

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    5th? Cool. WotLK? Also cool.

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    Always good to hear about someone getting back into the game. Need more people like that here.

    HQ: Lots of powers usually means you can drop one - I'd drop doom as you only have one unit of rangers and no harlies (who make the best of that power) to take advantage of it.

    Elites: IF those 7 kisses see CC they will usually be overkill and you dont want these getting shot up in your opponents next turn AND you may lose some on the squads way to CC anyways which is just wasted points.

    Troops: Like these overall.

    Heavy: Again this is OK.

    Overall I'd drop the pathfinders/doom and try to put a squad in a TL BL serpent for some more anti-tank.
    -Alaitoc Ranger Force (1850pts)
    -Nucleonauts (started)

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