Ok guys, i quit 40k for like a year and i decided to start playing again, i realize there are some new rules and i've learnt/am learning the new rules. I'm gunna make a Tyranid army list and see what you guys think!

I'm thinking to start off with a basic army list to see which types of units people like most.

Hive Tyrant. Probably wielding a venom cannon and sything talons. Other possible upgrades but i dont have the codex with me, so this is basically the general idea. He'll be here for killing tanks and stuff before any melee can reach.

1 Squad of Hormogaunts, i'm thinking like 12-16ish. A good number so even after getting shot down they're still large enough to win an assault or 2.
1 Squad of Termagaunts, or Deathgaunts (whetever the Devourer ones are called), all of them wielding Devourers. Devourers are, in my opinion, better because it gives you more oppurtunities to kill an enemy. In a swarm army wouldn't you want a swarm of shots?
1 Squad of Genestealers, hoping these ones can be the most protected (love the new rule! I'll put them behind the hormogaunts so the stealers get a cover save!) they'll basically rip up everything, right?

This is just a starter, I will probably add either a Carnifex or maybe some fast attack deep striking people (Lictor, Ravangers or something) to spice things up.

Any advice is appriciated.