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    1000 Point Tau Army

    OK this is my first attempt at tau, so here goes...

    HQ: 50

    Ethereal - Honor guard, see below in troops -50-


    I believe that my troops and kroot will act as enough support without the elites, but as I say, this is my first attempt so correct me if I'm wrong...

    Troops: 525

    6 Fire Warriors, 1 shas'ui, 2 gun drones -94-

    12 Fire Warriors, Honor Guard, 1 shas'ui, 2 gun drones -178-

    15 Kroot, Shaper, 2 hounds -155-

    14 Kroot, these wil be used as cannon fodder/ distractions I think -98-

    Fast Attack: 113

    4 Gun Drones, these will be used for surprise pinning from deep strike -48-

    1 Piranha, Fusion blaster -65-

    Heavy Support: 310

    Broadside Battlesuit -70-

    Sniper Drone Squad -80-
    Hammerhead, railgun, smart missile system -160-

    Total Points:998

    Any feedback would be great, I realy hope to get this army up and running ASAP...

    Thanks heaps,


    PS. I will be facing up against Necrons, Space Marines, Orks, Imperial Guard and mabye Eldar

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    Do you own any of these models?

    If you do then take it for a spin and let us know how it went.

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