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    Critique my list

    Here is my list. (The Waaagh begins...) This is based on the models that I actually have in my possesion. Think it would do well, or does it stink?

    MegaMek w/bosspole, Kombi scorcha
    12 'ard boyz w/ 1 Rokkit, Nob, pk, bosspole
    17 gretchin w/runtherd
    17 stormboyz w/ Nob, pk, bosspole
    15 kommando w/ Nob, Pk, bosspole
    1 killa-kan w/scorcha

    How many points is that? What should I add next?

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    That's around 750 points. I'm not exactly sure, as no one generally uses big meks without giving them either a Shokk Attakk Gun or Kustom Force Field. That's one of the problems. The big mek is doing nothing but taking up space. The kustom mega blasta only has a 1 in 3 chance of hitting, which is way too low. I'd use a few extra bits (or pieces of sprue) to make one of the arms look like a powerklaw, and use him as a warboss with powerklaw, cybork, and 'eavy armor for 100 points.

    The grotts and Storm Boyz are fine the way they are.

    I never use the 'ard boyz upgrade. It nearly doubles the cost of the unit, for only a slight improvement. You can if you want to, but 12 boyz aren't going to last long at all on foot. You either need to get them a trukk, or increase them to 20 in number. I know you don't have the models, but you could always use 8 kommandos as regular boyz, and just field a smaller unit of 7 kommandos.

    The kommandos need 2 special weapons, either 2 burnas if you want to use them in close combat (since they count as power weapons if you don't fire in the shooting phase that turn), or 2 rokkits if you want to be able to hunt armor. If you want to add some more points to the list, you could also convert one of the models into Snikkrot, instead of using the nob, but I would only do that if you're using 13-15 kommandos in the unit, not if you cut them down to 7.

    The killa kan needs a weapon that will take advantage of their relatively good ballistics skill. I'd use either a big shoota, rokkit or kustom mega blasta. If the model already looks like a burna, I'd just say it's a kustom mega blasta. That's my personal choice of killa kan weapons anyway, to get through those pesky 2+ armor saves. Just use a few glued on random bits to turn regular guns into the special weapons.

    I hate to say it, but overall your present list is going to have problems. It'll do alright in annihilation missions, but for the other missions you need to claim objectives, and you only have two units in the army that can do that, and one of them is the grotts.

    Here's how I'd play the list, using only the models you have (I'm using kommando models to get the boyz up to 20, and will use the 'ard boyz upgrade, since keeping them alive is very important in this list):

    Warboss w/powerklaw, cybork, 'eavy armor [100] (attatch to the unit of 'ard boyz)

    20 'ard slugga boyz w/2 rokkits, nob, powerklaw, bosspole [260]

    17 Grotts w/runtherd [61]

    17 Storm boyz w/nob, powerklaw, cybork [244]

    7 kommandos w/2 rokkits, nob, powerklaw, bosspole [130]

    Killa kan w/kmb [55]


    If you want to cut down to 750 points, I'd make the 'ard boyz just regular boyz, and cut the storm boyz down to 15.

    In any case, good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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