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    1700 Tournament List

    Got a friendly tournament coming up in a couple weeks, been a while since I played my nids, but let me know what you think of this list.

    230 - Hive Tyrant, Adrenal Glands(WS), Toxin Sacs, Lashwhip and Sword, Toxic Miasma, Scything Talons, Warp Blast, 2 Tyrant Guards

    205 - Broodlord, Toxin Sacs, Extended Carapace, 5 X Genestealer Retinue with Toxin Sacs and Extended Carapace

    185 - Warrior X 5, Enhanced Senses, Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs, 1 X Barbed Strangler, 4 X Death Spitter, 4 X Scything Talons

    253 - 11 X Genestealers, Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs

    253 - 11 X Genestealers, Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs

    168 - 24 X Gaunts, Flesh Borer

    55 - Zoanthrope

    173 Carnifex, Enhanced Senses, Extended Carapace, Venom Cannon Barbed Strangler

    173 Carnifex, Enhanced Senses, Extended Carapace, Venom Cannon Barbed Strangler

    Total = 1695

    This list isnt final at all, and I would like to adjust it some more to put some more units in my troop choices if possible...Also on the shelf I have 3 Lictors, 4 Raveners and 2 more Zoanthropes. I'm kinda iffy on going with 1 Zoanthrope in this list so perhaps would like to make some room for 1 more. Also I am curious on how Lictors have been doing in 5th ed. I loved Lictors in 4th, but with this combat reaction I don't see them being very effective.

    Lemme know

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    I'm new to Tyranids myself so any advice I might give is to be taken like a grain of salt. I'm trying to compile a 1700 tournament list myself so we should be able help each other out. To avoid typing "IMO" all the time I'll restrain from doing so, but keep in mind everything I say here is "IMO" and not in any way intended to sound like: "I'm Right and your Wrong". So, without further ado, let's begin.

    Hive Tyrant: The Lashwhip and Bone-Sword is not a very good upgrade. Most Tyranid creatures have equal or better Initiative than most other units so Catalyst is not very beneficial and the Lash Whip combined with Toxic Miasma is a bit over-kill unless tackling kitted-out CC characters. I would say a second set of Scything Talons will perform much better and will also be cheaper.

    Brood-Lord and Retinue: That's pretty much my thinking as well. I'm thinking that adding Feeder Tendrils to the Brood-Lord is also a good thing to do since the Gene-Stealers will be maintaining 2" coherence and for only 3 points you're re-rolling all of their CC misses.

    Tyranid Warrior Brood: This unit should be broken up into two different units to allow for more tactical flexibility. Scything Talons are out of place in a ranged Warrior unit, these guys are meant to shoot not assault, so, with only BS3, I would say drop the scything talons, drop the 5th Warrior with the Barbed Strangler, twin-link the 4 Deathspitters, and break them up into 2 units of 2.

    Genestealers: I'm considering scuttlers for my Genestealers. Depending on how you intend to use them out-flanking can be a very nasty thing for Genestealers to do. You might want to drop the broods down in size; 33 attacks on the charge at I6 + WS6 + S6 + Rending is devastating and will over-kill most units before they get a chance to hit back. I would say make the broods 8 strong this shouldn't prevent them from doing what they do best too much.

    Gaunts: Again, breaking them up into two smaller units will give you more tactical flexibility.

    Zoanthorpe: One Zoanthrope isn't very reliable, tanks most of the time just don't go down with one shot. I would say drop it entirely or take one more.

    Carnifexes: Exactly my thinking.

    This list should do well in Annhiliation because you have lots of big tough units, it might do good in Capture and Control if you can prevent your Gaunts from being completely wiped out (a very unlikely thing), and it will probably have trouble in Seize Ground since you only have 3 objective-takers, 2 of which (the Genestealers) are designed for hurting things not defending objectives.

    Now if you consider my adjustments it frees up 207 points if you drop the Zoanthorpe and 97 if you take another one. Not much, but it's a building block. If you have the time, could you check out my list "Fast Assault List 1700"? I would like to hear what you have to say.
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