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Thread: eldar 1k tourny

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    eldar 1k tourny

    hay hows it going fellow eldar players. I just started playing eldar recently, and before i buy the models i was just wondering if i could get any suggestions or tips to help me out. Thank you

    HQ- Farseer 88p w/ fortune, singing spear
    Troops- rangersx5 95p
    Troops- jetbikesx4 111p w/ warlock w/ destructor plus shuriken cannon
    Elite- Wraithguardx6+1warlock 250p w/ conceal
    Elite- Harlequinsx7+troupe jester and shadowseer + 3 kisses 188p
    Heavy-Wraithlord 130 w/ wraithsword and starcannon
    Heavy- Dark Reapersx3 137p w/ exarch, fast shot
    Total points=999p

    not really feeling the reaper squad. they should probally be awicthed out but they always nailed alot of targets for me even 3. well any advise will be very much apreciated thank you.

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    Hey spiritseer...joe... how fluffy. Anyways.

    Just looking at your list I have a few pieces of advice. Pathfinders always worth the price over rangers. Put a BL on that wraithlord you need the anti-tank as you have plenty of anti-elite weaponry with the guard and reapers. Give that reaper exarch a missile launcher to go with that fast shot as once again, you lack ranged anti-tank. Other than that, the glaring deficiency I see in your force is models. Without DAs or a guardian backbone Eldar armies can falter fairly quickly, even resilient ones with wraithguard and wraithlords. And a lack of vehicles also puts you at a mobility disadvantage, so while your force is hard hitting, it doesnt have the range, speed, or staying power to get it done IMO.
    -Alaitoc Ranger Force (1850pts)
    -Nucleonauts (started)

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