1500pts Eldar Mob - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pts Eldar Mob

    OK so i was tossing some ideas around for the 5th ed and came up with this tips suggestions and improvements always welcome.


    Avatar 155pts

    Farseer, fortune, doom, ss,
    5xWorlock bodyguards one with enhance 270 total


    13x Strom Guardians + Worlock enhance 150 pts

    13x Strom Guardians + Worlock enhance 150 pts

    10 Dire Avengers Exarch bladestrom 147 pts

    10 Dire Avengers Exatch Bladestorm 147 pts

    7x Pathfinders


    Wraithlord EML Bright Lance 155

    Wraithlord EML Bright Lance 155

    Total 1497 Points

    I know i am not using much of the other aspects here but the idea is to kill whole squads at a time and fortune the avatar, or the "Seer Council" wannabe squad The only reason i got avatar makes them fearless, and soaks up damage, i would love tips on this list please respond dont me shy

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    I would lose the pathfinders in favor of a wave serpent for one of the DA squads. This would add some much needed mobility for securing objectives.

    What are the storm guardians doing? If they are sitting back guarding your objective, I think regular guardians might be more useful with the addition of the weapon platform, otherwise, make sure to make good use of cover, or they'll be dead before they reach the enemy.
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