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    1000 pts Iyanden - Help needed!


    I'm new to this forum. Iíve been out of the loop for a couple of years, but Iíve recently moved, and when I was unpacking I ďrediscoveredĒ my 40K miniatures, thus rekindeling my interest in WH40K. Now Iím trying to put together a 1000 pts strong Eldar army and Iím having a really difficult time making ends, or rather points, meet.

    To add to the misery I play Iyanden, and I would like to stick with the fluff as much as possible. Meaning my first unit of choice would be Wraithguards. But a 10 man strong unit with an accompanying Spiritseer costs nearly 40% of a 1K Army Ė leaving me with very few points with which to by other units. Itís probably not worth it -> but I want to stick to the fluff so itís going in.

    Anyway Iíve managed to put together an Army that Iím quite satisfied with. And Iíd really like some input on it. Iíve also got some 70 points to spare that I would like to spend Ė but Iím uncertain what I should add to the force. If I need to stick below the 1K mark I guess the only thing I can add is a Support Weapon Battery i.e. a Shadow Weawer. Any other Ideas?

    But knowing my opponent we might break the 1K mark and end up with somewhere between 1000 and 1200 pts leaving me with some more choices. A Dark Reapers squad or a Harlequin Troupe is on top of the wish list. Any other good suggestions? All input is greatly appreicated!

    Ah, and my first game will probably be against Necrons.

    The List:
    Eldar Farseer
    w/Spirit Stones, Doom and Fortune
    Cost 130

    Ghost Warriors
    10 x Wraith Guard, 1 x Spiritseer, Singing Spear, Conceal
    Cost 396

    Dire Avengers
    9 x DA + 1 x Exarch w/Diresword, shurikenpst, Bladestorm
    Wave Serpent, 2 Starcannons
    Cost 282

    Hwy Support
    Cost 120


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    Half of those remaining points you have could go towards equipping your wraithlord with a missile launcher and a bright lance. That would make him an anti-tank platform which your list really needs. I'd also swap out the starcannons on your wave serpent for a pair of bright lances.

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    I agree with Mongooseo. You don't have much anti-tank right now. The Wraithguard have a short range, so they won't be effective against tanks until you get close.
    You could also have 2 Farseers. Drop the spirit stones and guide, and take a second Farseer with guide. This will cost a little more, but will give you more flexibility.

    A different option would be a 3-man jetbike squad for your last 70 points. This will add some mobility to take an objective in the last couple turns. You could also take a Vyper or War Walker with the last 70 points.
    "What do Humans know of our pain? We have sung songs of lament since before your ancestors crawled on their bellies from the sea."
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    Wow Fontonlan, this is quite a challenge. Fitting 400 pts of wraithguard in a 1k army is pretty tough, so I applaud your dedication.

    The farseer does not need two powers. All he needs is fortune, to protect your crazy expensive wraithguard investment. Doom will sort of help the dire avengers, but you should be looking to maxime the potential of your remaining points.

    Mongooseo is right. Wraithlord absolutely needs bl/eml OR you have to drop him for some other AT. As this is Iyanden, I assume the latter is not going to happen.

    Fitting in jetbikes is going to be tough,as 3 jetbikes are really vulnerable to leadership tests and the only thing that could really help them is either: a. more bikes or b. a warlock with embolden. Both of these are expensive options and I don't really see them happening. You can always try 3 and hide them until the 4th or 5th turn when your opponent is probably too busy with your wraithguard. Waveserpent needs one of the following: scatter lasers, bright lances, or missile launchers. I would go with lasers cause they're cheap and pretty effective against a lot of different stuff.

    My only remaining worry is that the wraithguard will get in CC, in which case they will likely be tied up all game, or die to powerfists/rending/monstrous creatures. If this happens, a wraithlord may not be enough help, as he can take out ICs, termies, and creatures pretty well, but will have a tough time in cc against stuff like dark eldar or orks. If you get 200 more points to work with, take striking scorpions. Or harlequins if you like spending extra points.

    Any way, good luck with the army.

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