Ok, so I know Urien is in here and that for 1.5K he's really expensive but I really like his always hit and always wound flamer with a 50% chance of being Ap 3 or lower. that just says it all right there...

Punisher, Tormentor Helm, Shadow Field, Combat Drugs, Plasma Grenades

5 "Uber" Fiends


7 Wychs
Wych Weapons, Plasma Grenades, 2 Blasters


5 Warp Beasts

2x 5 Warriors
Dark Lance


2x 10 Warriors
2 Splinter Cannons, 2 Blasters
Poisoned Blades, Web Way Portal

2 Ravagers

3 Disintegrators

Total: 1497

So I'm considering dropping Urien =( and getting a 5 gal squad of jet bikes with 2 Blaster and a Punisher wielding leader, I don't know where it says that you can do this now But I wouldn't mind if you could, in order to provide a distraction unit or contest objective later on in the game... also that would be 2 more blasters which would give me... 19 total Dark Lance/Blasters.... kinda nice in my opinion. And for swarms... well then I'll just sit back and shoot. Always fun.