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    Back with 1000 point list - results inside.

    Hey all..
    Been awhile since I've posted here at LO - been kinda busy with some stuff.

    I have recently bumped my force from 500 points to 1000 points and I wanted to share with you the list I chose, and the results I've gotten from it.

    First.. the list! (i dont have it in front of me.. as I'm at work, but I'll make any changes necessary when I get home.. so pardon minor point variations).

    *Big Mek - SAG, Cybork, 'Eavy Armor

    *Tankbustaz x5 - no changes

    *Nob Bikerz x3 - 1 with Big Choppa

    *Ork Boyz x12 - Shoota, 1 Big Shoota
    Trukk - Ram, Wreckin' Ball, Red Paint Job, Grot Oilers, Armor Plates
    *Ork Boyz x12 - Shoota, 1 Big Shoota
    Trukk - Ram, Wreckin' Ball, Red Paint Job, Grot Oilers, Armor Plates
    *Ork Boyz x20 - Choppa/Slugga, 2 Rokkit, Nob w/ PK + Bosspole + 'Eavy Armor
    *Ork Boyz x13 - Choppa/Slugga, 1 Rokkit, Nob w/ PK + Bosspole, 'Ard Boyz

    So far with this list I have the following record: W-2, D-1, L-1
    I have seen where I need to improve.. 1 is add more boyz!

    The armies I have played against:
    Chaos Daemons - Win
    Ultra Marines - Win
    Dark Angels - Draw
    Imperial Fists - Loss

    I have a 1500 point list prepared for when the new box set comes out. Then from there, I'm going to take it up to 2000 points with Lootas and such.. im a little tight on money so all the models listed are all the models that I own.. minus the 3 grots i have in my army transport bag


    Eldar Project Log
    Saim-Hann Eldar: 5000 Points

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    13 isn't really enough for a unit of boyz on foot. I never use anything less than 20 boyz, or they won't last long enough to be effective. On that note, tankbustas don't work well at all on foot. They need a transport in order to be effective. As they are, you're probably better off using the models as kommandos, with 2 rokkits in the unit. You could hold that in reserve and use them to outflank your opponent, to get back armor.

    I do love tankbustas, but they're going to be shot to pieces long before they get within range, even if they have a nob with a bosspole. They need a transport, or they just won't work.

    The trukks have way too many add ons. If the enemy can hit them, there really isn't any amount of upgrades that can keep them from blowing up. The trick is to hide them long enough for them to rush up and deliver the boyz. The ram, red paint and wrecking ball aren't bad, but the grot riggers (I assume that's what you meant, you need a mek to get oilers) and armor plates are a waste of points. Also, I never give units inside trukks any special guns. If you can shoot the enemy, then the enemy can shoot you. It's better to try and keep them completely out of sight.

    Where are the nobz in the units of trukkboyz? There's no point in using trukkboyz if you're not going to use a nob with a powerklaw and bosspole. The powerklaw will literally mean the difference between victory and defeat when fighting marines, and the bosspole is a must have for any unit that can take one. It effectively increases your leadership to 9, rather than 7, going by mathhammer. It's the best non-weapon upgrade in the ork army.

    That's a very small unit of nob bikers, and I don't see a way of them ever earning back their points. I'd suggest using 3 warbikes with a nob and bosspole instead. A powerklaw would be a lot better than a big choppa, but on a unit so small it probably isn't worth using either. One thing's for certain: if you're going to use them as nob bikers, they need a bosspole. Otherwise, a single casualty will almost surely send them running. The bosspole gives them a fighting chance.

    What I'd actually do is only run a single unit of trukkboyz, use the boyz in the removed trukk to bring the 13 boy squad up to 25, and then play that trukk as a looted wagon instead. Give the looted wagon a rokkit, and have the tankbustas ride in it.

    I'd also get 3 more warbikers, or consider not using them at all. The optimum unit is 6 with a nob, powerklaw and bosspole. The minimum for nob bikers is also 6, with 2 powerklaws, painboy, cybork bodies, wauughh banner and bosspole. You could also run 1 of them as a warboss with cybork and powerklaw, and attach him to the unit, to give them more close combat power, and also allow you to use them as troops, so they can claim objectives.

    In any case, good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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