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    1200 pt truk boyz

    175 pt
    Big Mek + SAG + Boss Pole
    5 Lootas

    115 pt
    Looted Wagon + Boom Gun + Ard Case

    4x 152pt = 608 pt
    4x (11 boyz + Nob w/PK and Boss Pole + Truk w/ Red Paint)

    231 pt
    WeirdBoy + Warphead
    10 boyz + Nob w/PK and Boss Pole
    Truk + Red Paint

    2x Warbuggies w/TL rokkit launchas

    Gives you 66 orks for your enemies to deal with. and 300 free points for a 1500 pt list. PK will wreck havoc against vehicles with 5th edition too. Anyones thoughts? How would this do against tau?

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    Orks have trouble with the Tau, regardless of the situation. As it stands, the list would have trouble because virtually every gun in the Tau army can shoot down the trukks from 30 inches away. For this reason, I'd give the trukks rams instead of red paint. You'll want to keep them hidden behind cover until you're ready to strike. Then drive through the cover and assault. Also, you might want to go first, if you can.

    Why put a warp 'ead in a trukk? One of the psychic power results will almost certainly destroy the trukk, another will pull you right out of the trukk and deep strike the small unit onto the board, most likely to be shot to pieces by the enemy, and the rest can't be used if the trukk moved over 12 inches, unless they disembark. I'd cut out the warp 'ead, raise the number of boyz to 12, and just run it as a unit of trukk boyz. I only attach warp 'eads to large units of 20+ boyz, on foot, with a nob/powerklaw/bosspole.

    That's not nearly enough lootas. They'll be shot to pieces by 2nd turn, even with the attached bosspole. I'd use the freed up points from the warp 'ead to increase the number of lootas to at least 8, and 12 would be better. Use meks with big shootas (just use regular orks with big shootas) if you don't have enough loota models.

    Another problem is that the list has 15 kill points in it, which is a lot for a 1200 point army. Instead of using the warp 'ead and the accompanied unit of trukk boyz, you could use the points to run a unit of 20+ boyz on foot, to run up behind the trukks. Either that or use the points to add a LOT more lootas. Either choice would cut 2-3 kill points out, and do a lot more for the list than antoher trukk.

    In any case, good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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