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Thread: HQ Strategy

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    HQ Strategy

    The list I'm working on right now has a master shaper and a full shaper council that I want to put in a group. They all have wings, and out of the six of them there are four metlas and two eviscerators.

    I hear this is very effective, but I just don't like wings. If it's the only way to be tournament worthy, I'll stick with it, but I had another idea I wanted to throw at everyone.

    What if I arm all the HQ's with eviscerators and loaded them up with the maximum number of hounds? I figuired the fleet of step (which works on the hounds in the party even if all the shapers hit last) would be pretty awesome in melee. I know this kills any tank-hunting ability, but I thought swarm tactics might make up for it.

    Good idea or am I missing something?

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    I'm new to Kroot sure I've played them since 2002 but I never did a full blown army till now(Cause we couldn't lol[actually still have to buy the models prob tomorrow since i sold all my tau 3 years ago]) Now to the matter at hand.

    looks like your going tank hunting a Jack? Well at least with all those meltas you wont have to worry much about tanks except Ord. Blasts(ex. Hammerheads with Railgun)

    About the Hounds and wings I'm not a fan... I'll use a max of 5 hounds for every 500 points cause you don't need a army of Rotweillers just Stick with the council and Master Shaper(ah i guess u could give him 2) in my opinion. Wings!? I'd take fleet less expensive doesn't look as crappy and does what it should; Kroot are birds but shouldn't have stupid looking wings! Unless you can make some good lookin ones, but still I say no wings just go Fleet and BoTS

    Then again you might not need Fleet with the new running rule... srry I don't have a 5th copy yet I just use my friends so correct me if I'm wrong but if you use BoTS so infiltrate 12" away(as behind cover or is it LoS)+ roll of a die so 11" at its worst that means assuming KrootHawk Totem and your going first; movement you move 6 then run another 6 which means your around the cover almost to the enemy then you assault (assuming that you can with run) means your in CC already in TURN 1 BABY!

    eviscerators... I use on most all my shapers but with meltas you should be fine id make half your units shapers take some just in cause sometin like an Ord. Blast (can't stress enought) wipes them all out.

    Hope this helps
    I thought I was smart, but apparently people don't like to take advice from beggars.

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