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    1500 semi competitive close combat list

    Ok, nids was the first army i ever did and now that i'm looking back upon them, i want to build another army from scratch and this time with strategy in mind. i've always loved close combat but i realize that i need some shooting so here it goes. plz tell me anything you want to say about, good or bad.


    Hive tyrant- +1 WS, +1 Str, winged, 2 X scything talons, warp field- 182 pts


    6 Warriors- +1 WS, +1 Str, +1 Sv, 6 scything talons, 4 rending claws, 2 lash whips- 190 pts
    Carnifex- +1 WS, 2 X scything talons, toxic miasmia- 113 pts
    Carnifex- +1 BS, 2 X twin linked devourers- 113 pts


    2 X 6 stealers- +1 Sv, feeder tendrils- 252 pts
    2 X 16 spinegaunts- 160 pts
    2 X 16 termagaunts- 192 pts

    Heavy Support:
    2 X Carnifex- +1 T, +1 BS, 2 X barbed stranglers- 296 pts

    the main idea is to have the hive tyrant weave through terrain and strike at isolated units while the the hordes of gaunts screen the warriors and stealers. the carnifexes go up the flanks to keep the force from getting surrounded and the fexes in the back launch 4 str 8 templates to take down tanks and large mobs.

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    on the heavy support fex's give them 1 barbed strangler and twin linked death spitter beacuase 2 barbed stranglers only counts as 1 twin linked - FOR 40 - 50 points its not strong enough. drop warp field on the tyrant and give in implant attack - toxin sacs - adrenal glands . etc well done nice - give ur guants without number - OBJECTIVES OBJECTIVES OBJECTIVES

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