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Thread: 1259 Mixed List

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    Senior Member Courtsloth's Avatar
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    1259 Mixed List

    This is a list I've been using at 1250 under the new rules with a fair amount of success - it's a stepping stone to my would-be 1750 list, built up as I buy/paint mini's. I change up some details almost every time I play, testing new bits, but here's the basic framework.


    -Bike, PK, Squig, Cybork

    Big Mek
    -KFF, PK, Armor, Cybork


    5 Nobz
    -Bikes, Painboy w/bosspole, Pk w/Waagh Banner, 2nd PK, Combi-Rokkit + Ammo Runt, and one 'plain'

    30 Boyz
    -Shootas, Nob w/PK + Bosspole, Big Shootas

    12 Boyz

    - Slugga/Choppa, Nob w/PK + Bosspole, Trukk w/Ram

    Fast Attack

    3x Rokkit Buggies

    Heavy Support

    Looted Wagon
    -Boomgun, Rokkit Launcha

    At 1750 the list picks up 2 more 30 srtong Boyz mobz and some Lootas (waiting on Battle for Black Reach to help flesh out da' Boyz). Will let you know how it goes when I get there.

    Edit: It is a 1250 list - the '1259' in the title is a typo =P

    Two's to kill. Ahh, sweet sweet music.

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    LO Zealot mynameisgrax's Avatar
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    Courtsloth you magnificent bastard! You're using the unique nobz trick!

    Anyway, the list looks pretty good, but there's four things I'd change (yeah, I really like listing things numerically, so sue me):

    1. The big mek shouldn't have close combat upgrades. Since he's an independent character, it isn't difficult at all for an opponent to toss enough attacks his way to kill him long before initiative 1...and honestly, he's an odd choice for the list, considering there isn't much for him to protect. If you want to ensure that your smaller troops (nobz and trukk) are protected the first turn, why not hold them in reserve, especially in objective based missions? As it stands the only thing the KFF seems to be protecting is his own 30 boy retinue, the warbuggies and the looted wagon. Instead of spending those points on protecting the boyz/wagon, I'd just field more boyz and a second wagon. In this kind of list, that makes more sense to me.

    2. The list needs more troops. I'd immediately jump to 1500 by either adding another 30 boy squad (good if you still want to use the KFF) or two more trukks (good if you don't). If you're reaching for 1750, I'd ultimately look to include 4-5 troop choices total, and perhaps a squad of lootas if you have them.

    3. I'd trade in that combi-rokkit for a combi-scorcha. It's only good for one round, which makes it a single rokkit shot with effectively a 2 in 3 chance of hitting. The scorcha will be far more significant, and besides, the nobz will be good at fighting armor in any case, thanks to the powerklaws, and strength 5 on the charge.

    4. I'd try and add one more nob to the unit of nob bikers. This will give them enough wounds to survive the shooting phase. To make him unique, you could always give him a big choppa, or just a random ammo grunt, to keep him unique from the others. ^_^

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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