I haven't played since 3rd edition, and never played 'nids. But I've always prefer playing w/heavily themed armies over winning (although winning an occasional game is fun too). After reading the codex, I liked the idea of the vanguard army. So here goes:

Broodlord w/EC, FH, IA, TS
Retinue (5) w/EC, FH

3x Lictors

3 Units of 12x Stealers w/EC & Scuttle

3x Raveners

1x Spore Mine Clusters w/3 Bio Acid

1x Spore Mine Clusters w/3 Bio Acid

1494 total

I think a list like this is going to be fragile but it should be fun (and "fluffy") to play.

Obvious tactics would be to infiltrate, scuttle, run (DON'T walk), deep strike, burrow and wheelbarrow at the enemy as fast as I can.

Is this a viable army? If so, would it be fun to play against?