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    1500pts 'paint or DIE!' army

    the (in)famous canadian event known as 'Paint or DIE!' is starting up again, and this year i'm going to enter with orks!!! the idea is that all staff involved are challenged to fully paint a 1500pts army by december 1st... afterwards there's a big 'ol fashioned tournament to see who's da 'ardest!

    comments/crits on the list?!

    Warboss Ahzkillzel's Deffwing

    HQ: Da Big Boss; Warboss Ahzkillzel w/Mega armour, including Power klaw + Twin-linked Shoota. Cybork body.

    HQ: Da Techboy: Big Mek Kritihurtz w/Burna, Kustom Force field. ‘Eavy armour, Cybork body.

    Elites: Kritihurtz’s Firedrakez; 12x Burna Boyz w/Burna

    Elites: Naamork’s Scoutz; Sergrunt Naamork w/Slugga, Power klaw.
    2x Kommandos w/Burna
    4x Kommandos w/Choppa, Slugga, Stikkbomz.

    Elites: Kaptain Burnial’s 1st Kompany; 1x Meganob w/Kombi Shoota-Skorcha
    5x Meganobz w/Twin-linked shoota, Power klaw, Stikkbombs.

    Troops: ‘Da Verminaterz; 4x Meganobz w/Kombi Shoota-Rokkit launcha, Power klaw, Stikkbombz.
    2x Meganobz w/Twin-linked Shoota, Power klaw, Stikkbombz.

    Troops: Ehzkul’s Taktakul Skwad; Nob Ehzkul w/Big choppa.
    2x Boyz w/Rokkit launcha
    22x Boyz w/Shoota.

    Troops: Gabhriuk’s Assault Mob; Nob Gabhriuk w/Power klaw, ‘Eavy armour.
    14x Boyz w/Slugga, Choppa

    Fast Attack: Da Razzawing; 3 Deffkoptas w/Twin-linked Rokkit launcha.


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    Good luck with the contest!

    I think you're going to have trouble with the meganobz and burnas. Both those units really need transports in order to be effective. They need the transports to get them within effective range, and keep them alive. The same goes for the unit of 14 assault boyz. I'm afraid orks just don't last long outside of vehicles unless there's at least 20 in the unit, or they're held in cover.

    If you don't have any transports, than I'd consider running all the meganobz in one unit as a troop choice, with the warboss leading them. It's expensive and slow, but they'll have staying power, something the two smaller units won't have. Oh, and that warboss needs a bosspole. Orks have very bad saves when they're not fearless, and the bosspole keeps them in the fight.

    I actually wouldn't use the burnas at all if you don't have a transport for them. Even if you keep them within range of the KFF, your opponent will certainly be able to rapid fire upon them before the burnas get within range, and that will usually be enough to wipe the burnas out.

    I'd try and add some more kommandos to the unit. 7 orks aren't going to last long, even if they're the ones assaulting the enemy. If you have assault in mind, I'd use 9-13 in the unit, and more is better.

    3 Deffkoptas isn't a great number, since only one casualty will force a panic check. I'd try and use 5, or just use 1 per unit. In some lists, using 3 deffkoptas individually in units of 1 deffkopta per unit isn't feasible, because it adds too many kill points to the army, so it's up to you.

    Three troop choices aren't much for a 1500 point game. The list reall needs another unit of 20-30 boyz, and the unit of 14 boyz needs to be brought up to at least 20.

    You're using a lot of elite units. but most of them won't be effective without a transport. Nobz, tankbustas, burnas, meganobz, and units of boyz with less than 20 models all need transports in order to be effective. If you don't want to give them a transport, then I wouldn't use them. You're better off with more regular boyz instead.

    In any case, good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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