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    1500pt kabal list, tourney / all-comers


    The Kabal of the Rusted Blade is preparing for another season of rampaging, plus or minus some changes for 5th ed.

    The Kabal of the Rusted Blade, 1500pts
    "Everybody dies. Everything corrodes to dust. Bringing this on is pleasant."

    HQ1 Archon | drugs, plasma grenades, punisher, shadowfield, tormentor helm
    (deploys with wyches)

    HQ2 Haemoncula | destructor, scissorhands, reaver jetbike, haywire grenades
    (deploys with reavers)

    Elite1 Raider Wych squad x 7 | Raider, wych weapons, plasma grenades, Succubus + agoniser + plasma grenades

    Elite2 Raider Wych squad x 7 | Raider, wych weapons, plasma grenades, Succubus + agoniser + plasma grenades

    Troop1 Warriors x 10 | darklance x 2
    Troop2 Warriors x 10 | darklance x 2
    Troop3 Warriors x 15 | blaster, 2 x splinter cannon, Sybarite + agoniser
    Troop4 Warriors x 9 | Raider, blaster, splinter cannon, Sybarite + agoniser + plasma grenades
    Troop5 Warriors x 5 | Raider, darklance

    Fast1 Reaver squad x 5 | 2 x blaster, Succubus + agoniser + plasma grenades

    Heavy1 Talos

    Total = 70 figs + 4 vehicles + 1 talos = 1500pts

    Unhappy with the way disintegrators perform for me under 5th I've dropped two ravagers in favour of more bikes, a second wych raider squad and a reaver haemy. I've put an agoniser on the reaver succubus rather than a punisher + tormentor helm because the bikes are purposed anti-vehicle and anti-MC, although the haemy with them should also be a terrifying anti-trooper with her destructor and scissorhands. She has haywire grenades for anti-vehicle.

    Taloses can now run. This is glorious.

    Comments appreciated.

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    Looks good, and good luck! Let us know how it works out for you.
    (WH40K) Dark Eldar - (12,000pts) Sisters of Battle - (5000pts) Dark Angels -(3500pts) (WHFB) Dark Elves - (10,000pts) Beastmen - (5000pts) Empire - (3000pts) Wood Elves - (1500pts)

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