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    Junior Member KittyCommander's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
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    2000 just for laughs

    Hive-T, Wings 2x2TLD, ES, +1S, WF 196pt
    Brood-L, Feeder-T , 6x Stealers ST, Feeder-T 199pt

    6xWarriors Wing, Death-S, ST 240pt
    3xLictors 240pt

    8xStealers, Scuttlers, Feeder-T 160pt
    8xStealers, Scuttlers, Feeder-T 160pt
    8xStealers, Scuttlers, Feeder-T 160pt
    15xGaunt Devourer, Scuttlers, +1S 180pt
    15xGaunt Devourer, Scuttlers, +1S 180pt

    Fast Attack
    6xRaveners, 2ST, Devourer

    Everything is either going to deep strike in or outflank. Im sure this list is going to be an epic fail but is should give me some good laughs when we start deployment and i deploy nothing then second turn comes around and bam here come the nids

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    Senior Member Sinjin's Avatar
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    probably a really fun list to play.

    Just a few comments...

    The Genestealers with the Brood Lord don't need Feeder Tendrils. They will gain the benefit becuase the BL has them. Remember, any friendly unit within 2" also gets it.

    On the Troop Genestealers. A unit of 6 with Sything Talons has more attacks and more killing potential then a unit of 8 without, and is 14 points cheaper.

    It seems like you're more interested in using the Raveners as a shooty unit then an assaulty one. I would strongly recommend against this. Raveners should be tearing things up in CC. Drop the guns, and give them rending claws. They are way to fragile to be out in the open.

    Also, I think 2 units of 3 would work better.

    Use the points saved to keep the GS units at 8 with Sything Talons, or beef up the Gaunts.

    As a side note... What a cool idea. I have never considered DSing a Winged Flyrant.

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