hey, ive been browsing the other army lists and the rest of the site for a while so by now have a pretty good idea of what makes a good list, but im open to any suggestions on how to improve it.

HQ :
CC Flyrant - winged, 2x scything talons, adrenal glands(I), toxin sacs, acid maw, warp field
Broodlord - extended carapace, feeder tendrils = 83

Warriors x3 - enhanced senses, extended carapace, scything talons, 2x deathspitters, 1x barbed strangler = 95
Dakkafex - 2x twin-linked devourers = 105

Genestealers x8 - scuttlers, Extended carapace = 192
Genestealers x8 - scuttlers, Extended carapace = 192
Spinegaunts x12 = 60
Spinegaunts x12 = 60
Hormagaunts x16 - adrenal glands(WS) = 176

Gargoyles x8 = 96

Sniperfex - Barbed sytrangler, Venom cannon, enhanced senses = 148
Zoanthrope - synapse creature, warp blast =65

I havn't really got much of an idea on tactics as im pretty new to the gaming side of 40k.
also i've got 23 points left so if you could suggest how to use those that would be helpful.