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    1000pt casual list

    Playing a small game for fun tomorrow looking for some input on my list im playing against orks and space marines.

    Lord--destroyer body, ress. orb-- 170

    10 Warriors-- 180

    10 Warriors-- 180

    10 Warriors-- 180

    Fast attack
    2 Wraiths--82

    2 Wraiths--82

    Heavy Support
    1 Heavy destroyer-- 65

    1 Heavy Destroyer-- 65

    Total-- 1004pt. Necrons-- 37

    the 4 pts arent a big deal because its a friendly game. the lord is my standard one, he'll run with my wraiths and keep them a swingin into enemy lines. That close combat unit (they will all run together) is there for the counter attack when the enemy is close enough/ softened up. I took 2 HD just to be covered for walkers or transports from turn 1 and so they can WBB each other. Also, i got 30 necron warriors into the list which should be alot for my opponent to handle in a 1k battle.

    Comments and criticism welcome!!!

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    Instead of wraiths I'd do some normal destroyers. Wraiths are so so, but at 1k, that's alot of points for an easily destroyed CC unit.
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