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    500pt friendly escalation

    I was invited to play in an escalation league with a couple of friends, and decided that it was an excellent excuse to sit down and actually paint my Tau in a reasonable time frame. We are starting this month with 500 pts, no tanks, no AV11+. Each month the plan is to build, paint, and field 250pts more.

    The challenge with this list is adapting my preferred Mech style to the no tanks rule. I am basically forced to play a hybrid list here, with my firewarriors footslogging it and not a lot of points to use on more maneuverable things. On the upside, the only vehicles I expect to face are AV 10 Ork Trukks and the like. My opponents are playing Imperial Guard, Eldar, and Ork.

    Shas'el w/CIB,AFP,TA,HWMT 100

    XV8 w/TLMP, TA 53

    12xFirewarrior w/Team Ld, BK 135

    12xFirewarrior w/Team Ld, BK 135

    Fast Attack
    6x Gun Drones 72

    495 total pts.

    The idea here is one Firewarrior squad holds my objective, with the XV8 bouncing nearby taking shots at any vehicles or targets of opportunity. The HQ joins the Gun Drones and escorts the other Firewarrior squad over to the enemy objective. Bonding Knives keep the scoring troops around longer, the Gun Drones keep the no longer able to hide as well HQ alive longer, and the real challenge will be picking what targets to shoot at and in what order.

    I went with the two special weapons for the HQ due to the selection of opponents (no or very few MEQ's and TEQ's), and the crazy amount of cover 5th Ed gives (which makes plasma less and less useful every time I play it). It is, however, an untested 'toolbox' style HQ and I don't know how it will preform, theoryhammer gives it pretty good potential against the enemies Im facing. I could give a flamer to the XV8 and use the points saved to add a Stimulant Injector to the HQ, for more survivability... but its already 100pts... decisions decisions.

    I do have another pair of (unbuilt, unpainted) XV8's, 3 Stealth, and 10 Kroot laying around, and could potentially buy, build, and paint others if convinced that it would make a big difference in how the army played. I have toyed with the idea of a 3 Stealth + Markerdrone team replacing the Elite and Fast Attack choices, or dropping the Gun Drones for another Crisis Suit: TL Flamers + Fuision or MP to deep strike in at only 43pts? or Fireknife TL w/TA and HWMT, at 77pts?

    Next month I am looking forward to painting two devil fish and a hammerhead, but everything in due time.


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    My suggestion on the list would be to give your HQ target lock, and stick him with the crisis suit, and then drop the drones and pick up 10 kroot.

    The kroot give you some offence, more shooting capabilities then drones, and they are another unit that can take objectives.
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