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    1750 pt Competative List

    I have been fiddling around with Eldar lists and trying to find one that suits my style and would work well with 5th Ed. I am looking for people's thoughts and explanations for any and all changes that should be made. Here it is:

    Farseer 125 pts
    - Guide, Fortune, Spirit Stones

    This guy will be attached to the Dark Reapers and boost their power.

    8 Striking Scorpions 175 pts
    - Ex: Scorpion's Claw, Shadowstrike

    The Scorpions will come on via Outflank and provide some havoc.

    2x 6 Pathfinders 144 pts

    Will form up near Dark Reapers for a solid firebase.

    2x 10 Dire Avengers 272 pts
    - Ex: Dual Catapults, Bladestorm
    - Waveserpent: TL EML

    These guys will zoom around to fill in hole in my line or capture objectives.

    5 Jetbikes 120 pts
    - Shuricannon

    The jetbikes will be a nuisance unit that will try to capture objectives.

    Heavy Support
    5 Dark Reapers 207 pts
    - Ex: Crackshot

    They will for the center of my fire line; alongside my Pathfinders.

    3 War Walkers 150 pts
    - Shuricannon, Scatter Laser

    Depending on the opponent, these guys will mainly try to outflank.

    Wraithlord 140 pts
    - Wraithsword, Brightlance

    He will either march forward but more than likely provide some protection for my fireline.

    Grand Total: 1749 pts; 12 KPs

    Also to let you know about a few tournament rules in my area:
    You get penalized for having more than one HQ and the more Troops the better. Thanks for any and all help that you can provide.

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    two things that pop out at me are the 5 man jetbike squad and the low number of striking scorpions. If you are gonna take jetbikes why not take six and get the advantage of the extra cannon. Also the striking scorpion squad might not fair to well in such low numbers against the abundance of meq players out their in such low numbers. I would say giving the jetbikes another man takes priority but if you can manage to beef up the SS you might not regret it.

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