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    1500 Psychic Choir

    Just would like to see if anyone has any comments on this list.

    Hive Tyrant [200] - Wings, 2x TL Devs, TS, ES, flesh hooks, Warp Field
    Hive Tyrant [135] - 2x TL Devs, TS, ES, flesh hooks, Shadow in the Warp
    2x Tyrant Guard [92] - Flesh hooks

    Lictor [80]
    2x Carnifex [113 each] - Barbed Strangler, Scything Talons

    3x Brood of 13 Termagaunts [78/brood]
    1x Brood of 12 Termagaunts [72]

    Heavy Support
    3x Zoanthropes [55 each] - Synapse, Psychic Scream
    2x Carnifex [148 each] - Barbed Strangler, Venom Cannon, Enhanced Senses

    The two elite fexes provide mobile cover for the walking tyrant and the thropes will always have one unit (preferably gaunts) between them and an enemy unit.

    Tim Wright

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    For a psychic choir, I would likely exchange the shadow in the warp for another psychic scream, unless you plan to face a large group of psychics. Other than that, I'm not too fond of the lictor and haven't tried with the tyrant guard yet. It might be worth trading those 2 out for another elite strangler or dakkafex and a few more gaunts.

    Other than that, my personal preference would be to split the gaunts into 6 troops choices. While it provides a possible 2 extra kill points for your opponnent(if a mission utilizing them comes up); it also provides them with 2 more units they have to shoot at. If your opponents enjoy using large squads, it is more likely some gaunts will get through unscathed.

    Looks like a good list. Keep us informed on how it does.

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