Working on a 1000 points list for 'Nids. I've played a few small games, 750 and some 500, but haven't done anything larger. Only faced a tank once so far, so the list might be weak there.

Basic idea is genestealers hurt people, lots, and they do not need synapse to keep them in line. I had problems in some games where my opponent would kill all my synapse and then I was kinda boned for capturing objectives. I plan on using the scuttlers and hold them in reserves when possible, anyone have some experience doing that? I've been looking at Raveners and or Lictors, but haven't really tried them out yet. Raveners seem like they are generally inferior to genestealers, especially since the 'stealers will move more or less as fast with scuttlers if they don't go in reserve. In the 1000 points I don't think I've got room for the Lictor, but I could take 4 'stealers out for one.

Hive Tyrant 149
Scything Talons x2
Toxin sacs
Toxic Miasma

Genestealers x28 560
Feeder Tendrils

Heavy Support:
Carnifex x2 296
Enhanced Senses
Venom Cannon
Barbed Strangler

Total: 1005

In particular I'm wondering what people think about toxin sacs vs acid maw for the flyrant. Also I'm of two minds about the venom cannon on the 'fexs, it is pretty expensive and can't pen, but I don't really have much in the way of anti-tank otherwise. If I could ignore anti-tank for the 'fexs I would give them deathspitters instead of the venom cannons and drop enhanced senses, making them much cheaper.