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    Mound of minis, usable?

    I recently traded a chunk of my Eldar army for nids, along with the stuff I already had around for them. I'm not overly sure what of it would be too usable though. I've read through the stickys on here, and got a few ideas, but I'm still a bit unsure on what should be used and what should go. I love the potential swarm aspect of the Tyranids, so I collected as many gaunts as I could get my hands on, and would like to attempt to use as many as I can stuff into the list.

    Anyway, the stuff I have is.

    6x Tyranid Warriors- EC, Scything Talons, Deathspitters
    6x Tyranid Warriors- EC, Rending Claws, Scything talons.

    50x Termagants
    28x Spineguants
    30x Hormagaunts
    2x Ripper Swarms
    8x Genestealers
    6x Genestealers with Scything Talons.

    3x Raveners- Scything talons and Rending claws.

    2x Carnifex- Venom Cannon, TL Deathspitters, Spine Banks, EC, ES.
    1x Carnifex- 2x TL Deathspitters, ES, Spine Banks. (Wanted to drop the spine banks, but it was built that way when I got it, and I've had no luck removing the plate)

    I know I'm lacking Synapse at the moment, with only the Warriors for it, and will buy at least one Tyrant when I can. Beyond that though, any suggestions on where to go with it?

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    For the spine banks: have you tried sanding off the detail or using green stuff to cover it up? Those might be simple solutions.

    As the list stands now, I would likely remove the EC (or not have it count in friendly games). With them standing behind the gaunts, there is no reason for them to not have a 4+ cover save.

    The tyrant would be a good choice, as would a few 'thropes if you had the money. If you decide to not go with the ,thropes, I would advise in investing in more warriors down the line. Killing 2 sets of 3 warriors is an easy way to quickly bring down a synapsed army.

    If you are planning on using the raveners, I would advise grafting on a few devoureres if you can spare them. 6 more shots before coming into combat (with a reroll wounds to make up for the weak strength) is too good of a deal to pass up for the point cost.

    Other than that, it looks like you should have fun with the units. Spread them around and see what works for you.

    Welcome to the hivemind.

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