Tau Guerrilla Force 750pts

HQ 1: Shas'el
TA, PR, CIB, HW-MT Total: 100
Mid-close range death

Elite 1: 3x Firestorm Crisis Suits
MP, BC, MT Total: 150
Dakka Dakka

Elite 2: Sunforge Crisis Suit
TL- Fusion, Flamer Total: 47
Deepstrike tank/character hunting.

Troops 1: 6 Firewarriors 2 Drones
Pulse Carbines, Shas'ui, DC, Bonded Total: 95
I love pulse carbines.

Troops 2: 6 Firewarriors
Pulse Rifles, Shas'ui, ML Total: 80
I can't pass up the markerlight for the firestorms, thanks Inqui!

Troops 3: 10 Kroot
Total: 70

Heavy Support 1: IonHead
Ion Cannon, 2 BCs, TA, MT, DP Total: 130
Bludgeoning Stick

Heavy Support 2: Sniper Team
Total: 80
Lets kill some MEQ.

Army Total: 752

This is a semi-mobile, close range force. Favors tables with a lot of terrain. This is pretty much the final draft and has been doing pretty well. Just wanted to see if there was anything else I could do with it. I've tried many times to put a squad of pathfinders in but I just can't seem to do it. Any suggestions how I would bump this list up to 1000pts? Including pathfinders of course.

Bust out the C&C.