1500 point Genesis swarm - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 point Genesis swarm

    Yeah ok maybe Genesis is a stupid name for a tyranid army, well I could use some thoughts/critique on an army list I have...

    Winged dakka-dakka Tyrant.
    [Miasma, enhanced senses, toxic sac, warp field, TL dev (x2) and wings]

    Dakka-dakka fex
    2 broods of three warriors armed with Death spitters

    2 broods of 20 spinegaunts
    2 broods of 14 hormagaunts
    2 broods of 6 stealers (w/ flesh hooks)

    2 Zoanthrope (with warpblast and synapse)

    The plan:
    Winged tyrant is meant to rush in and mess stuff up quickly and take out troublesome tanks quickly. Dakka fex is meant to draw fire and take out troops. Spinnies will be just for the wave of fire and to try and draw attention away from the hormagaunts and shield my stealers/warriors.
    Stealers will probably not be using their infiltrate ability unless I have good terrain available and enough cover that I can use them effectivly. Sniper of course is meant to hit things from a distance while my zoans trail behind my gaunts and dish out punishment.
    I am worried I don't have enough melee/assault stuff, my stealers are limited and might take a little bit of time to get to the targets. They are also high priority targets. Death spitters have worked well for me so far but the problem with them scattering is always a concern (even with the upgrade to balistic skills). I think I have enough synapse coverage but I'm wondering, for a 1500 point army I only have around 91 models on the field...maybe I should give the spinnies "without numbers"?

    "Ohm nom nom nom"

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    Ok first off, Genestealers can't infiltrate unless accompanied by a Broodlord. Without Number might be worth taking in this army. I'm surprised they're not units of 32 in a 1500 point army actually, so they may die and get use of Without Number but you need to remember that opponents can be rather cruel when we utilise this rule by leaving a couple left. Other than that it's a really well balanced list.

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