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    2k newbie wishlist

    Hi! I recently started my waaaaagh!, and having already 2 black reaches 8got them with a beakie friend) and a battleforce, i was thinking about expanding to a solid 2k list. So, here goes my wishlist:


    Warboss - 305 pts (including nobz and trukk)
    Cybork body
    Power klaw
    Twin-linked shoota
    Bosspole (for the nobz that go with him as troops)

    4x Meganobz
    Powerklaw (4)
    Twin.limked shoota (4)

    Grot riggers

    Big Mek - 120 pts
    Power klaw
    Mek's tools
    Cybork body


    10 x Kommandos . 130 pts
    2x burna

    10 x lootas - 150 pts

    10 x lootas - 150 pts


    3 x Killa Kans - 150 pts
    CC weapon (3)
    Rokkit Launcha (3)


    5 x Deffkoptas - 250 pts
    Buzzsaw (1)
    Twin-linked rokkit launcha (5)

    20 x Stormboyz - 255 pts
    Nob with bosspole (19 boyz + nob)

    (the 4 Meganobz would go here)

    30 x Ork Boyz (slugga boyz) - 245 pts
    Nob with power klaw (29 boyz + nob)
    3 x rokkit launcha

    30 x Ork Boyz (slugga boyz) - 245 pts
    Nob with power klaw (29 boyz + nob)
    3 x rokkit launcha

    All this to a total of 2000 pts.

    is this boy going in the right direction?


    Temperature regulation is overrated.

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    +30 to 60

    Welcome to the orks! Have you read the thread entitled 'the basics' in the Ork 2008 index? A few people, including myself, put it together to give good advice to new players. I highly recommend checking it out.

    This list has a good outline, but there are a few things I'd fine tune in the list.

    First, the warboss really needs to be in mega armor, or else he'll be easy to pick off, considering your opponents will probably throw most of the non-power weapon attacks his way. Either that or you could just use 6-8 regular nobz with a painboy, cybork, 2-3 powerklaws, wauugh banner and bosspole. Always put the bosspole on the unit, not the independent character, when possible. Of course, with meganobz this isn't an option.

    The kommandos need a nob with a powerklaw and bosspole. They're too easily destroyed otherwise. Either that or you could convert Snikkrot out of a nob.

    I wouldn't give the deffkoptas a buzzsaw. It's only strength 7, with 3 attacks on the charge. That's 1.5 hits against a moving vehicle, with only 1 hit against strength 10 on average. That isn't too bad, but it's not enough to warrant the cost, or the risk you're taking by getting that close. I'd stay back and fire away.

    Grott riggers on a trukk doesn't make sense. If the enemy can shoot it, trust me, it's dead. The best thing you can give it is a ram, so you can sneak through terrain, and always get an obscurement save. That's much better than any other defensive option.

    I wouldn't give the big mek a powerklaw. He's too easy to single out and kill before the powerklaw strikes. I usually run him with 'eavy armor alone, but if you want him to be tougher, a burna would be nice. It's a flamer or a power weapon, so it's very versatile.

    I love lootas, but you might want to consider using one team of 13-15, rather than two teams of 10. It'd have a lot more staying power, and it'd free up points. Another reason I don't use two is because they have a bit of trouble in Dawn of War missions. I usually always use a unit, but I usually don't use more than one.

    The main problem the list has is it doesn't have enough troops. In 2/3 of the missions, the way to win is to claim objectives, and if your opponent kills all of your troops, than you can't win, plain and simple. It's true, you could still try and wipe your opponent out, but honestly, I've never seen it happen in 5th edition. It's just too easy for units to go to ground, and hold out the game, especially when there's a 1 in 3 chance of the game ending after turn 5.

    At 2000 points, I wouldn't use any less than 4 troop units, and personally, I'd use 5 or 6. Stormboyz are fun, but if you haven't bought them yet, I'd spend the money on regular boyz instead. Stormboyz can't claim objectives, which makes a regular unit of 30 slugga/shoota boyz with a nob, powerklaw, and bosspole (and in the case of the shoota boyz, 3 big shootas as well) a far more sound choice.

    I'd cut out the stormboyz, one unit of lootas (raising the other to 13-15), make the other changes and try to squeeze 1-2 more units of 30 boyz into the list, as I described above. That'd do a lot more for you than all the special units. Battles are either won or lost because of your boyz. Always make sure to bring enough. ^_^

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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