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    Making A Flyrant

    I just order some wings and a tyrant and i wanted to knnow if i Should make it a Dakka or CC?

    also what are some good biomorphs

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    The Dakka Flyrant is considered one of our best choices if not our best choice. I use the close combat flying variant and I can say it has some advantages over the Dakka variety. What you need to consider is what you want your Hive Tyrant to achieve.

    The CC Flyrant can effectively be used against:

    -MEQ, or terminator equivilants (Force Ld checks)
    -Initiative 5 MC's

    Some biomorphs you will need to consider are:

    Warp Field,Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands (WS/I), Toxic Miasma, Implant Attack, and Flesh Hooks...Wings

    (not all necessary, but just an idea of what is useful, not all the biomorphs that can be useful..)

    The Implant attack is great for characters, the Ad. I is very useful for Daemon Princes and Characters, the Ad. WS+T Miasma is big boost to your WS which is good for multiple things, Flesh Hooks, A must although you while risk hurting your tyrant if you fly into the cover, and of course warpfield.

    The Dakka Fly can effectively be used against.

    -Light Vehicles
    -Any Infantry (I think someone did the mathhammer and found the dakka variant was more efficient at killing MEQ's than the CC variant).

    Some biomorphs to consider are:

    Warp Field, Toxin Sacs, Enhanced Senses, Warpfield.

    I haven't used the Dakka Flyrant, but I have heard great things. I use the walking variant, which takes ridiculous amounts of fire. I'm not sure how long the flyrant will last without guards, but the warpfield should be useful.

    I think it would be a great idea to magnetize your model or proxy in your model without arms a few times with friends and see which you prefer.

    -My vote is for the Dakka Variant.

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