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    my first ork army (1500)

    your this is my first list and i not sure on some of the point totals cause i haven't been able to get hold of the codex yet. This info is based on an army list i worked on the last time I went to GW. If there are any mistakes please tell me.

    1X warboss 115
    attack squig
    combi shotta/scorcha
    heavy armor

    1 x warboss 100
    power klaw
    cybork body

    10x lootas 150

    10xnobs 200

    20x ork boys 130
    2 big shootas

    20x ork boyz 185
    2 rokkit launcher
    power klaw
    boss pole

    20x ork boys 130
    2 big shootas

    20 x ork boys 140
    2 rokkit launcher

    fast attack
    5x deffkoptas 225

    heavy support
    looted wagon 115
    boom gun

    army total: 1490pts
    can you plz give me advice and tell me what I need fix the point-wise on this list please....

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    The basics

    Have you read the topic entitled 'the basics' yet? It's in the Ork 2008 index, and it was put together by some people and myself to act as a general guide for new ork players. I'd definitely check it out if you haven't already.

    I believe the first warboss is meant to have a powerklaw, judging by the points. This is good, because all warbosses should have powerklaws. I'd also give the first warboss a cybork body. That's more important than 'eavy armor or an attack squig, since he can be attacked directly. Otherwise he won't stand a chance against units filled with power weapons. I'd give them both 'eavy armor as well. I'm not a fan of attack squigs. They just cost too much for what they do.

    The nobz need several things in order to be more effective than an equal number of points worth of boyz. First, they need a transport of some sort. Never put an ork unit smaller than 20 models on the field without a transport unless you can hide them in cover all game, as with lootas. It's just far too easy to shoot them down. A trukk will do, but you could also use the boomgun as a looted wagon w/big shoota or kannon if you like.

    The nobz also need 2-3 powerklaws, a painboy, cybork bodies, a waughh banner, and most importantly of all (this one isn't optional) a bosspole. It's too easy to make them run unless they have one. Be sure to put the bosspole on the unit of nobz, and not on the warboss. If you need more points, you could cut them down to 8 or so, but if you're not willing to give them all these things, then you're honestly better off using them as normal boyz. Nobz aren't worth it otherwise, because it isn't that much harder to kill a nob then it is to kill a normal ork. This equipment makes them more resilient, and more worth their cost.

    Every unit of boyz needs a nob, powerklaw and bosspole. If you don't have the models, then just put together some klaws out of spare bits, or even just pieces of sprue that look somewhat like a wrench or claw. Trust me, they're not optional. Against marines and monstrous creatures, the powerklaws will literally be the difference between overwhelming victory and a slow, crushing defeat. Now that I think of it, I've never seen an ork player using units of boyz without powerklaws ever win a game. It's the number one rule with the ork army.

    I prefer big shootas over rokkits, but that's really just a personal opinion. Use what you like. Keep in mind though, if you're running the slugga boyz up the field the extra d6 inches during the shooting phase (and you probably should be) then you won't be shooting
    with them, so you might not need weapons in their squads. On the other hand, I would still give them to the shoota boyz, who will most likely be shooting more often than running.

    I'd give the looted boomgun another gun, either a kannon or big shoota, just so it has something to do if its main gun gets blown off.

    This is a good outline for a list. You're using a lot of troops, which is definitely a good thing. Just make the above changes (especially the powerklaws and bosspoles) and I think you'll do fine. When you look to expand your army, I'd get more boyz, to bring each of the units of 20 up to 30.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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